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Thread: Frustrated with Polaris

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    Frustrated with Polaris

    My Polaris is spending a lot of time just wandering around not doing much. It doesn't sit on the pool floor just kind of hovers and doesn't pick up anything. Sometimes it just stops on an open section of the floor and takes a few minutes to restart. This is really driving me crazy as its using energy and not providing results. Any suggestion as to where to start? I'm at the point now where I am ready to just get something else and put this thing up. It was rebuilt last season.
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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    I would take it apart and look at all of the small jets that are in it to make sure they are not plugged with dirt. All you need id a paper clip to check this and while you are in there check out the belt tensions. Very easy to do all of this if you are just a little handy.
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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    Which model do you have? Polaris is known for bad modules in some (several; all?!) their cleaners.

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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    Did it just start this or has it been going on for awhile? Have you checked the relief valve to see if water is coming out? I had that problem and it was the relief valve. Polaris sent me a new but it didn't work either. I finally replaced the relief valve with a plug and had no more problems.
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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    Mine was doing something similar and I took it to my leslies. They fixed it for about 25.00. Mine would just run around in the middle of the pool.
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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    Another thing to check is the screen in the quick-release where the hose plugs into the wall. If that's plugged you'll have poor pressure at the unit and it will be generally sluggish.

    I've had to take mine in twice in the past year, but it was cheap to fix each time.
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    Re: Frustrated with Polaris

    Another thing to check is the casing on the backup valve. The backup valve is the sort of seashell looking thing on the hose a few feet away from the cleaner itself. It is very very very common for a crack to develop along side of the backup jet. You will not see this unless the cleaner is running and you have the backup valve out of the water. This blast of water coming out of the crack is letting pressure escape needed to run the Polaris. The casing (part number G54) is available by itself without having to buy a whole new backup valve. You usually have to cut off the hand nut (the widest part of the casing) with a saw because they always get stuck. Then pull the two halves of the old casing apart and remove the timing mechanism and put it in the new casing, nothing tricky.

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