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Thread: Signed contract today

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    Signed contract today

    Well, it's looking like for the second time in my 58 years on this planet that I will have a pool in the back yard.

    Basic info is size: 16X36 shotcrete in what the builder (Intercoastal Pool & Spa in Melbourne FL is the PB I went with) is calling a geometric shape (my design, based on a modified "L"). Swim-out, bench, umbrella sleeve in deck, no spa, for both space and cost considerations. Approx 16K gallons; 440 sq ft surface area; 6 foot max depth. Pretty much all Pentair products: VS-3050, C&C 200 filter, IC40 SWG, etc. No piping smaller than 2" except for the 1.5" return fittings in the shell walls. Around 700 sq ft in total deck area (110 already there is being merged w/new and it's all getting an acrylic top coating). Waterline tile is OWS-336 from Noble Tile, and the interior is a quartz aggregate called BlueStone from Marbletite (a Florida based pool finish & stucco company).

    Money is a bit limited at the moment so they are pre-plumbing a couple of water features, but just capping off the runs to avoid digging the yard back up again once the money tree blossoms (hope they don't damage the tree when they put in the pool). I have been looking into solar heat, but so far the local boys want too much for the install, so that may end up being a DIY project. FYI, one estimate is over $5.9K for 320 sq ft of panels and I can source 400 sq ft of Plastic Magen panels w/install kit for approx $2.8K in the local retail market. I think ~$3K labor seems high to me for a one day, one crew job in FLA these days (of course YMMV). Probably in the fall we will also add on a heat pump as we intend this to be a year-round use pool (and yes we will use a solar cover).

    Currently guessing ~ two weeks before the dig begins - they have to get some papers filed with the county (notarized Notice of Commencement), then gain town approval of the plans, prove insurance to the town, get building permits etc. They also have to get public works to buy off since I've worked a deal where the PB can come onto my lot from city owned property and I can avoid getting my front yard all torn up. All in all, it will be a good two weeks worth of bureaucratic work for them so I just have to try and stay patient
    Geometric 16X36', 16K gal, shotcrete, exposed aggregate plaster, acrylic coated concrete deck/cantilever coping;
    Pentair equipment suite (EasyTouch w/wireless, 2 Intellibrites, Intelliflo VS-3050, C&C 200 Filter, IC-40 SWG);
    Heliocol solar panels, Rocky's Roller, Blue Diamond robot

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    Re: Signed contract today


    I have similar equipment, and I have been very satisfied with the Pentair equipment. Keep in mind that your Pentair equipment is eligible for a 3-year extended warranty at no cost (although I'm not sure if you need to purchase a heater to qualify). I had to use that warranty just once, for a failing IC40 cell, and the service was generally quick and easy. Details are on Pentair's website, but you have to dig for them.
    ~13500 gallon gunite pool, Pentair Intelliflo 4x160, Pentair 520 SF cartridge filter, Pentair MasterTemp 400 NG heater
    Pentair Easytouch with IC40 SWCG, Hayward Navigator on dedicated suction line

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    Re: Signed contract today

    I don't see anything that sends up a 'red flag'

    Sounds like you'll get the pool you want and have the plumbing there to do 'improvements' in the future

    Please post picks of the build and finished pool
    Luv& Luk

    Having done construction and service for 4 pool companies in 4 states starting in 1988, what I know about pools could fill a couple of books - what I don't know could fill a couple of libraries :-D

    POOL SCHOOL, TF Testkits, Jason's Pool Calculator, CYA vs. cl chart, (Just a few DARNED handy links!)

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    Re: Signed contract today

    Congrats on your building We have plaster from Marbletite and we love it. It is Beach Series Antigua by Marbletite Pebble finish and it comes with a lifetime warranty according to our PB. Look our pool build in the signature box .
    I had the PB put in sprinkler boxes for additions of water features and later added them. You can get them from home depot or lowes. Just put in a ball **** valve to shut/adjust each feature. Make sure you can control them individually with mnever lube valves back at the pump pad.
    Don't forget to run a very large sub panel box (100amp), that way you can add future things like electrical outlets( you can never have too many, I ran 14 outlets and we are running out )/ summer kitchen (electirc, water and sewer) / heat pump/ stand alone hot tub/ electric smoker/ flood lights/ emergency hurricane generator hookup/ water spickets for outdoor shower, watering plants, possible outdoor bathhouse, for filling up pool, hookup to your sprinkler system, water and electrical outlet at pool equipment pad, etc...
    Not sure if you are going to put in a pool cage however now would be a good time to pour the footers, even if you do not plan to add one now.
    Enjoy the adventure and remember when you get stressed have a cold one
    Don't forget to post pics
    6,000 gal, IG free form,Beach Series Antigua by Marbletite Pebble finish,Sheer Descent, IG Fountain, Dolphin / Mermaid Statues,Dura- Glas 1.5hp pump,Hayward Pro-grid DE4820, Aqua Rite SWG with T-Cell 15,Heat Siphon Heat Pump DX 5.0 109,000 btu, Pool Cage, 1800sq ft Tremron Estate Pavers,Aquatherm Ecosun Solar Panels 192 sq ft with GL-235 Controller,Pentair IntelliBrite, Apollo Magnetic Stirrer Our New Poolbuild, Jacksonville, FL yr 2009 Solar install Outdoor kitchen upgrade

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