User Geebot first posted and referenced this in another thread discussing GPS-like functionality for the new line of Dolphin cleaners, which will include anywhere access to your robot - and potentially wireless robots - though it was unclear to me if that's in the soon to be released new generation or just a future development path. The link below includes a teaser image of the new model line being introduced. It also mentions which lines are getting improved and discusses the new line coming for 2020. I don't have any other insight. I just saw this referenced on the Maytronics website and thought those looking for a new robot may be interested to see what's coming down the pike.

This is the link which discusses it being released for general availability in 2020. It looks like some of their biggest improvements/innovations in some time.

And here's the link that Geebot posted which has a better picture of the new bot. Looks like it should allow for a very large basket capacity if the interior size mimics the exterior design.