Hi all, new to hot tubs, one came with the house we bought and just now starting to clean and power it up. I had a air lock that I was able to fix, but my next quandary is it doesnít appear that there is a heater installed. It this typical? I can move water, jets work and even the control panel has a temp setting, but looking at the pump and control board I see nothing that looks like a heater.

Balboa VL200 is the control panel
Mach - 7 is the control board.

Second, when itís plugged in the jets start up right away, the light under the jet button lights up and if I try to push the button, I can kinda feel a click but Iím not 100%sure the button is actually working. Will a stuck button just keep the jets on forever? Iím guessing I could get a new button pad. Is there a way to test? I suppose I could disconnect the key pad from the control board and then power up to see what happens.

Thanks for any pointers.