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Thread: Raising the Chlorine in SWG Fiberglass Pool

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    Raising the Chlorine in SWG Fiberglass Pool

    I am a very new fiberglass SWG pool owner. My pool was installed in August. This weekend I used 2 new products recommended by the installer. I used Stain Free and Metal Free. I had blotchy stains throughout the pool. Prior to using the product, I turned off my SW generator because I had to decrease the chlorine. It is currently at about .5. This afternoon I need to start raising the chlorine level. What percentage should I set the SW chlorine generator? I am currently running the filter for 24 hours because I added the products. How much longer should I run the filter 24/7? I live in NE Tennessee and keep the pool open year round. I heat it on the weekends.

    Thanks for your help!!
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    Re: Raising the Chlorine in SWG Fiberglass Pool

    A full set of water test numbers will help. If you have low or no stabilizer (CYA) then the SWCG will have a tough time keeping up. I would use bleach to get the cl level up, and see if the level holds overnight. There is an article in "Pool School" on doing this. If you haven't got a good test kit its worth the money. A TF100 with Salt Strips, or a Taylor K2006, another article in Pool School. Put the specifics about the pool in your signature, this helps in answering questions.
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    Re: Raising the Chlorine in SWG Fiberglass Pool

    Just to re-iterate what Dave said. We really need a full set of numbers to give you good advice. If you don't have a good testing kit I'd also highly recommend you get one. In the mean time, please take a sample to the local pool store and have them run a full set of tests, including metals.

    I'm a bit puzzled in why the PB told you to put in metal free without knowing that metals were your problem. Sometimes they do what's easiest.

    Post back your numbers and we'll be glad to help.
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    Re: Raising the Chlorine in SWG Fiberglass Pool

    Did the stain product work? If so that's good...

    The trick with adding chlorine after doing a stain treatment is adding no more than your "min" FC at a time. High raises in chlorine can cause the stains to redeposit. So for example if your CYA is 30, you don't want to add more than 1-2 ppm at a time at first and you don't want to "shock" for at least 2 weeks.

    Honestly, the SWG may not be able to keep up at first, (did you use an algaecide-like PQ 60 too?) so you might just want to use liquid chlorine to get the level up then the SWG can maintain it.

    But I do agree, post a full set of results and we can help you better...
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