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Thread: Need to drain and refill before closing, chem levels?

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    Need to drain and refill before closing, chem levels?

    Hi all,

    I have to drain my pool to patch a hole or if it's a split seam get the liner replaced (still under warranty). When that's fixed I'll refill and close the pool.

    The question is what should my chem levels be before closing. I know pool school says to get it to shock level and see that it doesn't drop for 24 hours but without CYA will it be stable for that amount of time? Does it make sense to add CYA and then turn around and close the pool or should I wait until I open the pool in the spring to test and add CYA as needed?

    I still have some dichlor left over, I could shock with that to add a little CYA for now.

    Second question is I have a solar cover, should I keep that under the winter cover to help it keep afloat? Will that damage the solar cover?

    Last question is about the level to get the water to. We might get a week's worth of freezing temps spread out over the winter months do I still have to get the water level below the return? Is that only to empty the water from the pipes to keep from freezing or are there other reasons? I have a bottom drain and I won't be able to get the water out of that pipe, what do I do with the parts of that which is out of the ground and exposed?

    Thanks in advance for replies.
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    Re: Need to drain and refill before closing, chem levels?

    Hi Billy, welcome to TFP!!

    You've got a different situation than most, you're closing with new water

    You don't have to worry about cya, as long as you cover the pool soon after it refills. CYA can wait until next season. I'd shock the pool and add some algaecide (making sure that your pH and alk levels are good first) and toss the cover on

    The solar cover should be stored out of sunlight.

    Your water level depends on whether you plug the return and skimmer or just let it drain out of the poool as the rain/ snow fill it up.
    Luv& Luk

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