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Thread: Pool Covers: DIY?

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    Pool Covers: DIY?

    I was thinking of making rather than buying a roller.

    However, even agricultural aluminium pipe 100mm diameter is going to have 6mm walls and cost pretty much the same as a ready-made roller.

    What sources can I try as alternatives?

    Also, I was wondering about actually rolling the roller along the sides of the pool, rather than dragging the cover down the pool. This would reduce friction and wear on the cover. Any ideas about that idea


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    Re: Pool Covers: DIY?

    Aluminum tube would be the way to go, but if it is too expensive, then consider making PVC pipe rigid enough for use as a structural member by filling it with cement. If the pipe is large diameter and that would make it too heavy, you can insert another smaller diameter pipe and just fill between the two. I've done this for vertical posts for a boat dock, but never tried it horizontally, but it should work.

    A lighter version is to have a smaller pipe inside the larger pipe with a ribs every foot or so. Say you have a 4" pvc pipe and a 1" pvc pipe inside. You get several pvc reducer plugs, cut off the flange, slip over the 1" pvc and hammer it down inside the 4" tube. I've actually done this before, but not using the reducers, but instread made my own plugs from delrin.

    Otherwise, galvanized steel pipe properly coated should give you years of life without rust.
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