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Thread: Pure and Clear Salt System failing

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    Pure and Clear Salt System failing

    Our salt system is failing us. When I do a search for info on Pure and Clear, seems like it is around no longer. We have had ours a few years. Our pool is turning green. We are presently shocking it and using algaecide trying to clear the water (above ground). What is the life time of one of these systems? Is it just time to buy another one? (probably have had for 6 years). Also, if we decide to go the chlorine route and discontinue salt system....what will this require? Emptying the pool to rid the salt? Need some advice.....anyone use a salt system?


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    The cell will eventually need to be replaced on any SWCG. You can just start using bleach, and there is no need to remove the salt. Poolsean will probably be along to tell you whether they were bought by somebody who can provide you with a cell or whether you are out of luck.
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    The Pure and Clear is the old Kreepy Klear unit that sat over a return jet, either in a round or rectangle design. The cells are hard to find. You can try searching Kreepy Klear.
    The cells usually last 3-5 years, so if your's is 6 yrs old, it's due for replacment. As you've found out, these are no longer made so your best bet is to find an old dealer with one on their shelf. mentions that they have cells. offers to rebuild, it so that might be an option. ... 21_96.html

    My suggestion is to replace it with another salt system.

    If not, you don't have to do a thing to start using traditional chlorine. The amount of salt in the pool will not hinder the chlorine from working. You can let it drop over time by itself, or dilute it out.
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    Thank you for your response and advice. I researched those great sites you listed and even generated the question to their tech. We paid $450 for our Pure and Clear in 2001. They sure have gone up in price ($900 was the cheapest I found)! If we go to the traditional chlorine treated water.....what kind of maintenance will be needed.....could it be as simple as just adding chlorine tablets and how often? Our above ground pool is 24'. How often does the water need to be tested?

    Thanks for educating me!


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    Using bleach generally requires testing the water every day and adding bleach each day to bring it back up to your target FC level. Tablets aren't very practical unless you have a short swim season or backwash frequently. Tablets can be put in a tablet feeder which only needs to be refilled once a week, but they run the risk of getting your CYA too high and then you need to replace water.
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