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Thread: Tagelus Sand Filter

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    Tagelus Sand Filter

    [b]I am looking for instructions to change the sand in my Tagelus Sand filter. Does the valve w-diffuser have to be removed and if so how do you remove it? is there a special tool? Thanks,
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    The Tagelus has a top mounted Multiport Valve. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the sand out.

    Got this from
    If you have a Top Mount Multiport, you may need to cut some pipes to remove the valve. you can reconnect them later with unions or couplings) Once these pipes are cut, the clamp band connecting the valve to the filter is removed, and the valve pulls straight up and off. Plug or tape or cover the standpipe so you don't spill sand in it. Then you can use a shop vac to suck out the sand, or you can use a small cup to scoop out the sand.

    Be very careful as you scoop or suck, not to knock or break the laterals at the bottom of the tank. They can be brittle when the get older, and it may be wise to replace laterals at the time you replace the filter sand. Use a hose to wash out the sand beneath the laterals. When the tank is empty of sand, replace the drain assembly, using silicone sealant on the threads. Then add enough water to cover the laterals, so the new sand pouring in won't crack them. Again, if you have the top mounted multiport, cover the standpipe opening. If you have a side mounted filter valve, gently push the intake baffle to one side, or wrap the baffle with a small plastic bag to keep the sand from entering the pipe as you pour it in.
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    I know this wasn't your question but very few of us change the sand in a sand filter. Are you doing it to solve a particular problem or because someone told you it needed to be done.
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    Re: Tagelus Sand Filter

    our pool water got nasty green over the winter
    we had it tested and added everything we were told
    then we did it again
    water remains a much lighter but still murky green
    told we should change sand which is at least 8 years old

    should we just try a sand cleaner or something else?
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    Re: Tagelus Sand Filter

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