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Thread: Closing AG saltwater pool...has!!

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    Closing AG saltwater pool...has!!

    We purchased an Intex 16' saltwater ultra frame pool with 2500/g chlorinator pump in May 2009. We used it on a daily basis - trouble free - until late July when honey bees decided to invade the pool (another problem for a different day!). We left it unattended not realizing that the chlorinator shuts down when the power goes out. I went out to check on the pool the other day and noticed to my horror that it is completely green - the power went out about a month ago for just a few minutes. So essentially the pump has been running without the chlorinator for 2 months. I can still see to the bottom of the pool, but there is green algae on every surface and the water looks like pea soup. It is time to winterize the pool so I basically have three options and need some advice ASAP!

    (1) I can drain the pool and scrub it down and leave it to sit empty until next year and start over with fresh water. I don't like this option because I will be wasting 6K+ gallons of water and I don't know that the pool would stay upright if it was not filled.


    (2) I could get rid of the algae and winterize the pool correctly.


    (3) I could leave the pool like it is - algae and all - and winterize it and deal with the algae next year. Simplest option, but I would hate myself next year when it came time to clean the pool & get it ready for swimming!

    Someone please help! My husband said we could only get the pool if I promised to be the one to take care of it, and I have no idea what to do. The bees are not a problem right now because the weather has cooled off. We will deal with them next year Additional info that may be helpful to know: we live in the panhandle of Florida, where it reached over 100 in the summer, rains constantly, and is currently about 70 degrees. We only get a handful of "hard freezes" in the winter, so I know I will need to get rid of the algae before I winterize. Someone please help!!!! I need to know what my options are right now - what do I need to do to get rid of the algae (step by step) if I am going to winterize correctly?? How do I winterize once I do get rid of the algae?

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    Re: Closing AG saltwater pool...has!!

    If you want my honest opinion, you should drain it and refill it in the spring - because you will have a heck of a time trying to clear the water with the Intex filter combo - they are barely adequate with "normal" use and to clear up algae they are pretty useless.

    It is certainly the least amount of work to drain it, clean it and refill it.

    All you need to convince you is to read the countless threads about the Intex filters and see what a hard time you would be in for...many Intex users end up draining or upgrading their filter to a better quality sand filter.
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