16x42 Intex above ground pool; 3800 gallons


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Jul 16, 2013
We recently got our pool and are first time owners. We've googled, read instructions, etc. but just can't get it right. The ph level is reading 7.2 and the ppm is 0. I've learned that the ideal ph level should be 7.5 and the ppm 1.5, but I could be wrong. We've added liquid chlorine but the reading doesn't change. What are we doing wrong and how can we make sure that we are maintaining and sanitizing our pool correctly?


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Jun 7, 2011
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I would first send you here to read up on the ABC's of pool chemistry.


Please check that out and look at the chlorine/CYA chart. It is very important to have enough FC to your CYA ratio. Ideally your pH will should be about 7.5, and that article will explain that better. Right now, you are likely on the edge of having an algae bloom and or the sun is destroying most of the FC you put in. I don't know what source of chlorine you've been using, so you may or may not have CYA. CYA protest chlorine from the sun. If you do not have a good test kit, you will end up fighting blindly with limited success so we suggest getting one straight away. A good one will tell you everything so you can manage your chemistry properly. The best you can buy are the TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006. What are you testing with now? Test strips and Pool Store readings are notoriously inaccurate. Let us know, and we will help you figure this out. Do check the link in the mean time and see the rest of pool school as well.


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Jul 6, 2010
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In short, Your PPM is actually Chlorine (PPM) Parts per million. Your pool needs a CYA/stabilizer reading of 30-50 PPM

Without the CYA your chlorine wont last as long, The CYA helps the chlorine.

Read pool school as Brushpup suggested.

Also look into getting a good test kit. Any test kit that uses strips is not very accurate and notorious for being wrong.
If you cant get a TF kit such as the TF-50 or TF-100 Walmart has a HTH 6 way drop based kit that is a bit better then the strips.
My only gripe with the HTH 6 way is the reagent for testing CYA only give 2-3 tests, I used the HTH kit for 2 years but finally talked the wife into letting me get a Taylor test kit.