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Thread: I had a dream...

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    I had a dream...

    So I had a dream that there was a 'new this summer' inground pool. It developed had an algae problem, similar to the story in this thread and of course I went to put all my good TFP knowledge into play.

    Still dreaming, I realized that I had not brushed the new plaster daily, or kept a good watch on CH, or even pH!

    So I was running around in a panic, yelling for a brush, and where was the test kit, and why oh WHY did I not practice what I preach here at TFP....

    Then I realized that not only was the pool vinyl, it was my neighbors!

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    Re: I had a dream...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mermaid Queen
    So I had a dream [...]
    Methinks you need a vacation!

    My dreams are always about working with a boss who I didn't like, 15-20 years after the fact.

    Someday... I will dream of pool maintenance.
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    Re: I had a dream...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mermaid Queen
    So I had a dream .........
    Well, perhaps a human mind contaminated the mermaid's dream? How else can a mermaid be "running around" when she has no, um, legs

    Yep, it may be time for a vacation!

    Now let's see, what was my last dream that I can remember...................
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    Re: I had a dream...

    I've had recurring dreams over the years of being chased through a big city by a towering T. Rex/Godzilla/monster type of creature. Every time I would run into a building, work my way around to another side of the building and come out, thinking I had put the building between me and the monster, lo and behold it'd turn the corner, see me, and we'd repeat the process.

    Then one night I rent "Cloverfield"..and it was like watching my nightmare on dvd..too wild..
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