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Thread: Leaking Liner pool, continued...

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    Leaking Liner pool, continued...

    Hey all!
    Some months ago I asked for help with my NorCal linered in-ground pool that was/is losing water at a faster-than-evaporation rate...1" a day plus! The skimmer was the first culprit. So, bought the AB Putty, applied it in every conceivable crack, and no luck. I allowed the pool to "drain" down until it cleared the liner bead. At that point, it continued down, but at a rate more consistant with evaporation. So, ah-ah! There's a leak ABOVE the liner bead!
    For my earlier posts, I had thought my pool was gunite everywhere underneath. I have since become educated on liner pool construction, and am not so sure any longer. What I thought was the top of the fully gunited pool wall may possibly be only the gunite collar on top of the steel/polymer walls. I found three gaping cracks in the collar, under the ceramic tiles, and plugged them with AB Putty. I then refilled the pool to operating level, feeling pretty pleased with myself, and the next morning, awoke to my water level...down about 1.5"'s! Apparently I have increase the water loss somehow!

    This is where y'all come in. What can I try next? Is the bead supposed to be below the waterline? When I read about vinyl liner installs, it seems the bead is supposed to be right under the coping, well out of the water? With my pool, there's the cantilevered poured concrete deck, then 6" of tile, then the liner bead and liner.

    Could the bead be in the wrong position? And could the leak be all around the pool at the bead? Can I seal the bead with some type of chalk? Right now, I just want to stop buying hundreds of dollars worth of water until I can redo the pool!

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    Re: Leaking Liner pool, continued...

    Do you have any pics?
    Dave S.
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    Re: Leaking Liner pool, continued...

    Hi again

    I'm still thinking that the liner's track was the original cause. However, by removing some of the tile and fixing the cracks, you apparently took away some of the 'water integrity' of the tiles/ grout This would explain the increased water loss after doing the fix.

    It sounds like something (the liner to bead connection, the grout in the tile or the tile/ receiver seal) isn't holding properly .

    Until pics arrive, I suggest you take a look at all those areas and see if you can see any visible gaps - if you do, use some dye or food coloring to check for leaks to try to nail down the problem areas.

    You've got an interesting problem and a ~ unique pool, I really want to help you figure out where the water is going
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Leaking Liner pool, continued...

    it sounds like you have the tru-tile liner/tile combo. do you see any "floating" areas in the bottom of the pool or on the walls? if no, then the liner should be leak free. do you have a light? if so, take the light out of the nitche, follow the cord to the hole in the back, mix up some putty and fill the hole with it, making sure you smooth the putty out about 1" around the hole. Also, check around the steps if there is a faceplate with screws with phenol red (pH test, red in color). there could be a few more possible areas.
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