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Heat pumps need LOTS of fresh, outside air to operate properly. You shouldn't block the airflow around the condenser or over the fan. I would put it just outside the shed and plumb through the wall for the water flow. Just like you see central a/c or heat pump systems installed.
Does anyone have an idea for a solution that would allow the heat pump to be inside the shed, so it would benefit from the heat of the pump? That would allow the heat pump to heat later in the year because of the increase in temp. We are thinking of getting a dome and would like the Jandy 3000TR Heat Pump with gas defrost to heat as long as possible.

We have a pad with everything on it, except plumbing runs along the ground on the outside of the pad. We are thinking of getting an Ameridome and leave the pool open in the winter, run the pump running during freezing times and enclose the pool pad and the surrounding above ground plumbing. Does this sound like enough defense against freezing pipes.

Would the Amridone need to go outside the area where the plumbing runs through the concrete pool deck to help keep that area warmer? Would I need to run the deck jets when there is chance of freezing?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We live in middle TN.