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Thread: Pls check my water chem numbers and advise

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    Pls check my water chem numbers and advise

    My pool was originally a SWCG. When I bought it was being maintained with lots of Chlorine and Shock to sell the house. I replaced the mother board on the Aqua-Rite system (okay I hired someone to do this). The cell was still in good shape and approx 1 year old.

    My numbers look pretty good to me. I will dial down the SWCG as the FA and TA Chlorine are higher than they need to be.

    A few weeks ago before replacing the Aquarite, I had Zero FA Chlorine or TA Chlorine.

    Note we have had about 5 days of rain. My salt was registering at 3700 before the rain, now registers at 3000.

    Do I care that PH and Total Alk are slightly out of range? Leslie's rec. is to add Alkalinity Up (isn't this a fancy name for Baking Soda?) at 10 pounds and add Muriatic Acid at 7 pounds. Still learning what MA balances.

    Here are the numbers (from Leslie's):

    FA Chlorine 5
    TA Chlorine 5
    PH 7.9 ,
    TA = 70,
    Calcium Hardness 220,
    CYA= 60,
    TDS = 2500+,
    Phosphates = 100,
    Salt = 3000

    Any comments for me?
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    Re: Pls check my water chem numbers and advise

    Your pH is a little high and can easily be lowered to around 7.4 (and should be) with muriatic acid.

    Everything else looks fine for now.

    Tell us how your water looks.

    It's not clear to me if you are currently keeping chlorine in the pool with the SWG or with bleach.
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    Re: Pls check my water chem numbers and advise

    The PebbleTec pools tend to require a little more acid to maintain than plaster pools do, FYI.


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    Re: Pls check my water chem numbers and advise

    Leslie's is clueless - the Alk Up will raise your TA like Baking Soda (and it's just fine at 70 for an SWG) and the MA would lower it. Now WHAT would be the point in that?

    I agree, lower the PH down to 7.4 with the MA and I don't think the TA will suffer any....if you want to keep some baking soda on hand for small TA adjustments that would be fine.
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