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Thread: How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?

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    How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?

    As some of you already know from my CYA thread, I've been trying to keep my FC levels at around 7-12 while I try to slowly replace water to lower CYA (120 ppm) and keep the mustard algae at bay. Currently my FC is reading 10.5 (to get an idea of how my FC has been trending, it was 10.5 at 6 p.m. last night and then it was 6ppm at 7:30 this morning.

    Also on an unrelated note, I still have phosphate reducers (PhosFree and Pool Perfect + PhosFree) that were purchased during my "unenlightened" days prior to joining TFP - would it be useful to add these to help keep algae at bay or would it more likely mess with my water? Our pool does tend to run on the high side as far as phosphates go (according to the pool store results anyway, which I understand are not always the most accurate
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    Re: How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?

    As I understand it, as long as you keep your FC level at your target level in relation to your CYA level, algae will not grow and phosphate levels will not even matter. Phosphates feed algae, but if algae isn't present, then phosphate levels don't matter.
    If your CYA is 120 then I think you should keep your FC higher than 12. 12 is for a CYA of 100. I'd go a few ppm higher. I'm not sure on the exact number as it is off the CYA/FC chart in pool school.
    You can safely swim all the way to shock level. You are well below that.
    Keep your FC levels where they need to be and you won't have to worry about algae.
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    Re: How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?

    Trying to remove phosphates, starting with a very high phosphate level, will almost always cloud up the water quite badly. It will clear eventually, but since removing phosphates is almost never all that important, why go through that trouble.
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    Re: How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?


    I know you didn't ask, but you have algae in your pool. A 4.5 drop in your FC overnite indicates you need to shock the pool to rid it of the organics that are causing that drop.

    Phosphates are irrelevant but you are consuming a ton (relative to what you would normally be consuming) of chlorine in your pool and will continue to do so until you get rid of the algae.
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    Re: How high an FC would you consider 'swimmable' (with high CY?

    To answer your original question (in your subject line) most here would not hesitate to swim in FC levels up to the shock level for your CYA. Wear an old suit, just in case, and rinse upon exiting the pool.

    I would probably not allow a baby or dog or others who don't understand not to drink the pool with FC that high.

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