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Thread: Replacement filter question?

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    Replacement filter question?

    I guess that I'm back in the market for a new filter for my above ground pool. I just went out and found that my Pentair Meteor 20" system has cracked along the seam in the filter and is spraying water. Not a lot but I assume it will get a lot worse pretty quickly. I didn't think that I'd be in the market this soon (it's only about 4 years old) so I haven't been keeping up with what's the latest and greatest. I've been very happy with a sand filter (using Zeolite instead of sand) as to water clarity and it's not hard to backwash every now and then.

    Anyhow, would anyone recommend anything other than another sand filter with Zeolite and why? Thanks for any input!

    (BTW, is anything made to last anymore? The Pentair Meteor was not cheap and it lasted just a little over 5 years! Actually, I bought the system 5 years ago and the tank failed during the first season. The tank that's splitting now is a replacement for the original one that the dealer replaced under warranty. So this tank is about 4 years old!)

    Central Illinois USA
    Central Illinois USA

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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    Check your warranty. Many filter housings are warranted for 10 years. I'm not sure on yours, but I'd check in to it; you may be pleasantly surprised!


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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    Yeah, something's up with that filter body.....they should last indefinitely. I would certainly squawk loudly even if it wasn't under warranty.

    Zeo is your call but most here on the forum do just fine with plain sand.
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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    Thanks for the replies. I have checked the warranty and Pentair only has a 1 year warranty. (Someone told me on another group that Hayward has changed theirs to 1 year, also.) I'm going to call Pentair tomorrow and see what they say.

    I've had sand filters with two pools now and I've been pretty happy with them. However, I will say that when I switched to Zeolite I did get clearer water.

    Meanwhile, wish me luck! I've put a patch on the tank using an inner tube, duct tape, and a couple of heavy duty ratchet straps. Trying to make sure that the tank doesn't split apart completely before I close the pool!
    Central Illinois USA

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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    I just got off the phone with a gentleman from Pentair. They're going to send me a new tank at no charge!!!!! He said that even though the tank was out of warranty it should have lasted longer. You can't beat service like that!!!!
    Central Illinois USA

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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    That calls for a thank you letter to Pentair. I agree that the filter body should last longer. Did he suggest that they replace it or did you have to ask?
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    Re: Replacement filter question?

    Sorry that I didn't get back earlier but I was superstious and didn't want to jinx my good luck until I actually had the tank in hand! FedEx just delivered it a few minutes ago! When I had originally spoken to the tech support man at Pentair he had said that they would not be able to ship last week since that was the one time of the year that the warehouse was closed for inventory. (He was very alpologetic but I assured him that I could be very patient! ) Anyhow, being that there was going to be a week delay in shipping I was paranoid enough to think that something would happen to make them change their mind.

    As to the original question. I didn't actually ask for a new tank. But, when he said that it was out of the original warranty and there wasn't anything he could do about it I said that I thought that something costing as much as it did should last longer. He then asked me to wait and put me on hold for a few minutes. When he came back on he said that he agreed that it should have lasted longer and they would send out a new tank as soon as the shipping department opened after inventory!

    You're right! I am writing a "Thank You!" to Pentair!
    Central Illinois USA

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