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Thread: new here from SF Bay Area

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    new here from SF Bay Area

    Introducing my family and our pool....I'm Elaine and my husband, twin almost-8YO's, and I joined the ranks of frustrated pool owners when we moved to a 1950's-era ranch style house in July 2006 (didn't really want a house with a pool but we liked everything else about the house).
    Our pool is approx. 15 x 30 in-ground rectangle (~17K gallons) with aging fiberglass liner (pool inspector told us that it'll be due for replacement in the near future so we knew we'd be in for some maintenance expenses), Hayward S244S sand filter and 0.75HP Franklin Electric pump, single return in the shallow end (no "eyeball" to adjust direction), skimmer about midway between deep and shallow end, vacuum port a bit further down towards the deep end. There's a mystery valve under an access cover that *might* be what controls how much intake is directed towards the skimmer or the vacuum port, but it's frozen in place. No heater, and we use a PoolZone ThermoTex bubble cover when I'm not trying to chlorinate an algal bloom into oblivion :P

    Have been frustrated by the usual headaches - algae, poor circulation, and cloudy water - and am hopeful that this forum will help me learn how to better maintain our pool and my sanity . Right now the water is looking pretty good after a sustained chlorine/brushing/filtering attack but I won't have numbers to post until after the test kit I ordered arrives (I brought a sample to Leslie's yesterday and they said my chlorine was over 10 so they couldn't test it)

    Quick question - I understand that my lack of test results will mean that there might not be an answer for this - my water looks pretty darn clear and blue but when I brush it, I *do* see a bit of light yellowish/brownish dust clouds pop up - does this sound like I've still got some live algae? After having subdued a few earlier algal uprisings, I'm reluctant to put the cover back on if there's a good chance that the fuzzy film is ready to stage a comeback.

    Also, the instruction sheet that comes with the ThermoTex cover says not to use the cover when the pool chlorine level is more than (I don't remember exactly) something like 3 ppm - but it seems that I probably need to keep my chlorine higher than that to keep the algae at bay (My most recent full test in mid July had a CYA of 70 ppm, FAC of 2, TA 100, Calcium hardness 200, TDS 1500)
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    Re: new here from SF Bay Area

    Welcome to TFP

    You've got it right...we can guess, but we really need test results, including an overnight FC loss test result to confirm.

    The pool doesn't sound so bad and the 244s with 3/4 hp pump sounds just about right.

    Are you sure it's a fiberglass liner and not Vinyl? I have heard of fiber glass walls but not the line itself. Reason I ask is replacing a liner vs replacing a fiber glass shell is VERY different from a cost perspective.

    On the solar cover...don't worry about the 3ppm recommendation...IMHO, UV light is much more harmful than the chlorine/cya levels we recommend and once you fully understand BBB and Pool School you'll understand that CYA significantly impacts the effectiveness of chlorine. Ex...a pool with 3ppm FC and no CYA will be much more harmful to your cover than a pool with a CYA level at 30ppm and FC at 4ppm.

    As recommended in pool school, get one of the recommended test kits and I promise you you will not be disappointed following the advice in this forum. I was once just as frustrated as you and so far I have gone the entire season without the need to shock my pool

    Best of luck.
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    Re: new here from SF Bay Area

    Quote Originally Posted by dmanb2b
    I have gone the entire season without the need to shock my pool
    I added a cup and a half of bleach this week.

    I'm pretty sure we've used more than that in our laundry this week! (Course I'm pretty sure we've used more water doing laundry this week then my pool holds...)

    Welcome PoolCleanerMom!! Listen to what these people say, they're all pool geniuses!! Me, not so much. Just started, but my water went from blah to absotutelyamazing after I went to pool school and listened to everyone around here!
    Rob B
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    Re: new here from SF Bay Area

    Well, hi there and welcome.

    I'll just add that (and you may already know this) if your CYA is 70, your "min" level for FC is 5. You should target 7 or 8 every night to keep your FC above 5 to keep the algae from returning. If you let it drop below 5 you will likely get algae again.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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