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Thread: Green water using Baquacil

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    Green water using Baquacil

    I have used Baquacil in this 24' round pool for 3 years and a previous 16X32 pool for more than 5 years with not much trouble at all.

    The past couple of weeks the water has been hazy. Had it checked and all readings ok. Pool store just said add oxidizer. It didn't clear up very much. Today I added 3 lbs of water clarifier through the skimmer as directed and as soon as it was added the water turned dark brown. Coming in brown through the return. Could not see the bottom. I added 2 gallons of oxidizer and it turned green. Can see bottom but it's pretty green.

    Sanitizer is on low end of range but I'm a little afraid to add anything else.

    I see a lot of people convert to chlorine but I have a severe iron problem and even with iron out, metal magnet I get bad results with chlorine.

    I have a sand filter.

    Anyone have any idea what could be happening?

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    Re: Green water using Baquacil

    Welcome to TFP.

    What kind of clarifier?
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    Re: Green water using Baquacil

    just pain old Baquacil Water Clarifier. Powder that directions said add directly to the skimmer. Today the water is back to very hazy maybe a little yellowish.


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    Re: Green water using Baquacil

    Much of that sounds like a size effect of the high iron levels. If the iron has been coming out as a particulate it could cause the water to be cloudy. Clarifier could clump it together into particles large enough to be visible as a brown/rush color. And oxidizer could cause it to turn yellow, which can show up as green against a blue background.

    The filter should be slowly filtering out all of the iron that has clumped together, which will continue to clear up the color in the water. But there may still be more very fine iron particles causing cloudiness, or there could be other problems going on at the same time.

    What are your PH, TA, and CH levels?
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    Re: Green water using Baquacil

    When I used Baquacil I found out that the Clarifier is for treating water mold. It doesn't say it on the bottle and the pool store isn't usually aware that it is a water mold treatment, and it does turn your water green.

    I used it to fight water mold and the green went away after a couple days of running the pump constantly. Of course with the Baquacil it never took the water mold long to come back.
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