16 foot bestway rectangle metal frame pool inside greenhouse


Sep 11, 2020
melbourne, Australia
Hi can someone please advise me on the cheapest way to heat my pool. I am setting it up now inside a 20 foot bella polycarbonate greenhouse. This is to reduce the amount of bugs i have to encounter, to provide uv protection as i got way too sunburnt last year and also to easily hang lighting and extend our swimming season as we live in melbourne and get a max 3 days in a row when its boiling followed by thunderstorms.

So I own a solar blanket, and have been trying to decide if i should buy alot of intex solar heater mats, or a 11kw electric thermostat pool heater or lots and lots of 32mm black pool hose to lay in the sun on the ground, or on the greenhouse roof, or in the greenhouse?

lol im unsure what effect the polycarbonate uv blocking effect will have on heating the pool inside, and if hoses or mats would be best off located outsude, and if i still should use the solar cover?

I need to heat the 16 foot or 4.88m x 9foot or 2.4m pool that is 48 inches or 1.22m high, and has around 3000gallons or 11000ltrs. there is two 32mm outlets, 1 32mm inlet, the heater has 1.5 inch/5cm hose fittings, i would like to have an intex salt water chlorinator added too, and pool comes with a 800g/hr cartridge filter with pump, but i also own a 2500g/hr cartridge pump and filter that surprisingly did an awesome job of cleaning the 18 foot round intex 26000ltr pool last year..

I cant afford a heat pump or gas traditional type heater, where i live they cost more than the purchase price and installation and greenhouse combined! in summer temp is 25-40degrees c and on sunny days its 30-40c from 11pm-8pm minimum. approx 1 out of every 4 days its cloudy though. My daughter and I are autistic, i am setting this up to provide muscular pain relief and hopefully have physio led hydrotherapy if i can get it hot enough without huge bills.

Can people please advise me on the best way to heat this pool up.. i understand many of the solar principles but my math sucks and i dont quite get how the greenhouse enclosure will effect everything else i do, or know how to ensure correct water pressure for solar heating and salt chlorinator and if i really need the electric heater... im happy to spend a grand Australian tops, ta :)