15x30 semi-inground AGP new build HELP!


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Apr 12, 2020
Council Bluffs, IA
Hello! I purchased a 15x30 Saltwater LX AGP from the Pool Factory that should be delivered shortly. I am looking for some suggestions on equipment. I will bury it halfway all the way around. I would like to locate the pump and filter about 15' away from the pool and hard pipe the plumbing underground. So, on with the questions:

I will splurge on a VS pump and cartridge filter. I am looking at a 1.5 hp and use 1 1/2" piping. I will add a couple valved pipes to various locations around the pool for a water feature or two. With that said, if the water features off, will I need to add additional returns to offset the inground pool pump/power/flow?

I should add that I am looking at a Circupool pump, cartridge filter, pre-filter and Edge 40 Salt chlorine generator system from discountsaltpools. Anyone use any of their equipment?

I will add a SWG system. Where is the best place to add a sacrificial anode to the system? With the bottom rails and top rails being resin, what is the best way to bond everything, in regards to saltwater and tie into the the anode??

Any suggestions on the best protective layer to rest between the earth backfill and the pool wall?

Any suggestions on the best color changing LED light for an aboveground pool, if such a thing exists? I heard one may use the nicheless Hayward Colorlogic, but that involves another hole in the pool wall and liner.

Thanks in advance for the input!!
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Mar 22, 2018
I'm in the process of doing the same thing and have many of the same questions so I am giving your questions a bump to the top in hopes of getting some answers. BTW I bought an RJ30 from them at the end of last summer to replace a cheap intex SWG that bit the dust, and it worked great.


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Jan 19, 2020
I would check with the pool manufacturer about what barrier if any should be placed against the pool before backfilling. I would be worried about using something they would keep moisture against the walls
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