15x25 pool in the works AZ


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May 28, 2020
Lake Havasu AZ
So I've been reading here for several weeks now and have some questions. We are in the planning stages and leaning towards owner builder. I know a good amount about pool operations and worked in the industry for a couple years, but that was 15 years ago. Here is a design I came up with. We have been looking around a colors and tile, still haven't decided if pavers, or concrete.

We are planning 15'x25' (28' max), 7'x12' Baja shelf, 16" coping with turf around the whole thing. 3.5' to 6 or 6.5' deep.

We found some glass tile at Home Depot and was curious, has anyone got tile not specifically designed for pools? What about glass or porcelain tile from other tile supply stores.

I will try to post pictures after I figure out how to downsize them ha.