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Thread: Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

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    Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

    Long time lurker, new registration, and first post greeting!

    I am a home renter responsible for the IG pool in the back, but luckily the owner has been kind enough to replace the hardware when it goes bad, as occurred a month ago when the multiport valve sprung a leak. That leak forced me to shut down the pool for a while and I got a nasty algae bloom. The filter was replaced entirely and the pool was shocked to **** and back and things were good for a couple of weeks. I let my chlorine level drop too low (I was unaware that my skimmer pucks were introducing CYA into my water - newb mistake) right as the weather peaked causing another algae bloom that I'm fighting back again.

    I vacuumed all the algae to waste and began treatment. Having spent my pool store chemicals already, I've adopted BBB and have been shocking the pool with 6% Clorox up to about 18ppm and brush the liner 3 times a day (morning, after work, and before bed). The pool's not green anymore, at least not noticeably so. It's a familiar hazy grayish blue now.

    The environment: my pool is shaded about 3/4 by a large oak in the back. Lots of other trees in the neighborhood and I frequently clean the skimmer basket and manually skim the surface. I've shocked the pool from ~4ppm to 12ppm on day 1, then up again to 18ppm for days 2 and 3, and last night I didn't "need" to add bleach since the 18ppm reading stayed constant from the morning but I did anyway. I don't have a FAS/DPD test so I've been using a sophisticated version of the "shotglass method" (meaning I use a graduated cylinder to dilute the pool water and multiply my readings accordingly) - it's not the most accurate but it'll have to do until I can afford to order a FAS/DPD addition to my Leslie DPD kit. I recently moved to Maryland from Georgia and the weather seems too cool for a pool - water temp threatens to hit 80F and I've been in the pool once this season for leisure, three other times to "stimulate the blood."

    My question is this: is it normal at this point for me to still get faint green clouds from brushing the liner?

    My measurements:
    FC: 18ppm
    CYA: 29ppm
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 60ppm

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    Re: Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

    Welcome to TFP>

    It sounds normal. It can take several days to clear the dead algae. Have you vacuumed the pool again? It can take some work to get the last of the dead stuff out.
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    Re: Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

    Thanks, John!

    I haven't vacuumed it out again just yet but was considering it after sweeping up some clouds this morning. I was sort of hoping that the Hayward Pool Vac robot guy would suck up that stuff and deposit it into the sand filter, but it would seem that a manual vacuum straight to waste would be the most effective route to take.

    Would it be a "bad thing" to vacuum tomorrow as I wait for my FC levels to drop and the water to clear? I've got to go pick up some furniture out of town this evening after work and there won't be enough light to see what I'm doing once I get home.
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    Re: Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

    I would check the chlorine level when you get home and add bleach if necessary and then vacume tomorrow. If you can't till then then you can't, right?
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    Re: Is this normal after 3 days of shocking?

    Good news! I made time to vacuum after work yesterday and did a 90% thorough job. Some spots were missed but I went back with a brush and addressed those areas. Unfortunately the water level dropped to a point where I couldn't refill fast enough to run the pump as I did my furniture pickup chore. When I returned home I started the hose again and got the water up to pump level before bed.

    This morning the water was clear with just a bit of sediment (and green) collected around the folds of the vinyl liner. I vacuumed them out this morning (to filter, not waste - I was short on time and water) but didn't have time to brush. I could faintly see clean tracks where I vacuumed but it didn't seem as extreme as before the vacuuming yesterday. It looks quite clean, actually!

    Hopefully the FC level will drop enough to swim tomorrow. Thanks for the support!
    22,000 gal IG / Vinyl / Sta-Rite T-240-BP2 sand filter (24", 62 GPM) / 1HP Hayward pump

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