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Thread: pump going so slow almost stopping

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    pump going so slow almost stopping

    I made another post about my pool that wasalmost clean and now swampy again: from almost clean back to green... frustrated mom of 4
    This is my pump question...
    Pump was pretty much redone a few months ago (including new sand). since then I would turn on, it would work for 1h and stop. I could not get prior pool person back (using a home warranty and they stopped working with the guy). Got a new person last month, who told me I needed a new "cascade and pieces" because pool was loosing vaccum. He supposedly went to look for pieces and did not call back for 3 weeks. I called insurance again, and they finally sent the original pool person. He spend less than 10 min out there and said there was nothing wrong with pump. He said pool was swampy black and it just would need to be backwashed every hr or so until the pool cleared.
    I thought it was BS but decided to try. Started on Saturday and indeed I did have to backwash every few hrs. Until about Monday when I really backwashed daily only just to be safe, but pump was working strong throughout.
    Pass forward to last Wednesday night when pool was almost clear, I decided to flocc, leave 18hrs with pump off (following directions in product) and got the swamp back with tons of large green flocs in the surface of the pool. I turned the pump back on Last afternoon (after trying to vaccum floc with my robot and making things worse). Since then I read this site and started the "slam" process.
    Problem is that pool is back to circulating problems. Is it possible is the same issue as before? I ask because I backwash 1 time, and flow is still low. If I backwash a second or third time, it gets strong, but will still loose strength and circulate super little or nothing within a couple hrs.
    Did pump break or do I need to go back to backwashing multiple times a day (hard on a week day as I work)? keeping in mind there was no debri on pool... only the flocs...
    Is it something wrong to pump???
    Sandy in SC. Ig pool, 40x20, 28000 gal, vinyl. Hayward pro series, sand filter. Pool came with house we bought it in 2017. Sand changed in Oct. Got an aquabot breeze 4wd and reg vacuum. Using insta test6 plus, waiting for my "status" to upgrade so I can get the discount on the pool test kit
    newby in the pool world :)

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    Re: pump going so slow almost stopping

    I don't think there's anything wrong with your pump. Given the apparent state of your pool, you'll likely have to backwash very regularly, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was several times a day. The floc isn't helping that situation. It clumped everything together and therefore is clogging the filter very often. Ideally you should have scooped as much of the 'clumps' off the surface as you could with a pool net. You'll just have to deal with the backwashing until it starts clearing up.

    Maintain the SLAM as much as possible and backwash as often as you can when needed. It'll take a while, but you'll begin to see improvements soon if you keep it up.
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