I need to buy some pool safety fence for my neighbor because part of my fence was accidentally given away to him (by my ex-wife) when I still wanted to keep it. He gave it back when he learned of the mistake, but I feel bad about taking something back from him, especially when it's something to keep his one year old baby safe. I offered to buy him new fencing equal to the amount he was given from my yard, but he insisted I not replace it. I figure I'll give him half of what he needs, that will be more acceptable than if I went out and bought all of it and gave it to him. He hadn't started installing it yet, so no holes have been drilled in his deck.

Anyway, the Southern Nevada pool code says this:

(A) Access barrier required: Pools, spas and hot tubs shall be completely
enclosed with access barriers.

(B) Access Barrier Construction Requirements: Access barriers shall comply
with the following:
(1) The top of the barrier shall not be less than sixty (60") inches in height
above adjacent grade measured from outside the enclosed area or
eight feet (8’) vertical, non-climbable, measured on the inside. The
vertical clearance between grade and the bottom of the barrier shall
be four inches (4") maximum. If pools are in adjacent yards the
common barrier may be reduced to forty-eight inches (48”) on either

Hardly anyone around here has a safety fence around their pool (even those w/small children, sadly) so I'm under the impression that the walls around the property are used to satisfy this requirement, and the mesh safety fences are just additional barriers, so they don't have to meet the 60" requirement. Is this correct? My fence was put in nine years ago and it is only 48" high. I'm asking because I want to know what height fence I should buy for my neighbor, 48" or 60".

Also, does anyone have an opinion on the fences available at lifefence.com/diypoolfence.com?