How much you want to bet he was making his Christmas gift list and saw he was going to be short so thought of the money outstanding from you and your pool so decided he wanted to play ball
Haha!! You're probably right Kim!

So how much do they need to rip up cause of bonding inspection? U have a back side that can be accessed right but what about the other spots off the rebar shell under pavers? I hope it all works out. And I’m sure it will. Man don’t give up anymore money. Instead of ripping up anything forcthe bonding can an engineer just verify the bonding with a continuality or electrical bonding test?
They don't really have to rip up too much...a few pavers in 2 areas. The main bonding (copper wire around the pool tied to the rebar) was already done. This inspection is just because they added the basketball hoop and hand rail and those need to have the copper bonding wire tied into them. Which they do, but the inspector needs to see it. Yes, the inspector said that he could test it with a multimeter to pass it but the PB never mentioned it. I can't believe the PB DOESN'T KNOW THIS!!! My thought is, why make it easier on him? If I called the inspector back about going the meter route, then I would have to do all the work (schedule it, get the meter, take off work). This way, I can just let the burden be on the PB to get it done and do it to my satisfaction (and the inspector's). I'm kind of tired of doing their job for them.