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Thread: Poly-Foam jacking under spa

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    Poly-Foam jacking under spa

    We just moved into a house a pool, which has an attached spa that has settled and created a gap (photos attached). There are also a couple pieces on concrete decking that have settled. After having a handful of pool and foundation people look at it we are thinking the best solution is to use poly-foam to jack up the decks and the spa. The low side of the spa needs to come up maybe 2 inches. Are other option would be to leave it in place and have a pool guy fix the open cracks, or remove it.

    I realize this might make a leak in the pipes, but it sunk without leaking so hopefully it can go back to normal too.

    Is there anything else I should consider? I have learned a lot from this forum and was hoping I could get a sanity check on this plan.


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    Re: Poly-Foam jacking under spa

    Lets take this one scenario at a time:

    -Jacking it up-is the poly-foam the way the experts you asked suggested to do it? Were they willing to stand by their work? Will they guarantee they can make it level? What kind of warranty do they give on their work?

    -leaving it like it is and fixing the gap and such-I feel like you would need to do something, not sure what, to make sure it does not sink any more. Is it level as it stands now? If not how far off is it?

    -Removing it-You would need to make sure to take into account the fact the pipes going to the spa might be tied into the pool in some way. This would be the jets and bottom drain...........but looking back at your pics it seems to be missing something-----------jets or any way for the water to get into the spa????

    One thing I would look into is doing a good cleaning on the whole thing. That will give you a good idea what you are working with as it might show more damage than you see now.

    You could also plug the pipe that goes to the round hole in the middle and fill it in with cement and make a sitting area right there.

    So tell me............what are you thinking after reading this? We have many creative people on TFP. I am sure someone can help you do what you end up wanting to do.

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