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Thread: Black scum line and staining above the water line

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    Black scum line and staining above the water line

    This is my first season with the pool. I have dipped out all the leaves. The water remains the same translucent green that it was when I filled it. My chlorine has been kept at about 8 all winter. CC is 0. My CYA is at 70. I will drain and replace some water. PH is 7.2 calcium hardness 350. TA 60 borate 15. Won’t know if the filter and pump work for another week and half.

    What is the best way to deal with this scum line that is all the way around the pool? I have thought about pressure washing when I lower the waterline and then wiping down with bleach. I scrubbed the sides of the pool today with the whale brush. It would take a lot of scrubbing to get this off. What are your thoughts on my plan, or do you have a better suggestion?
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    Re: Black scum line and staining above the water line

    Those scum lines are like a gummy bathtub ring and can be stubborn. Do a search on the forum and you'll all kinds of personal choices for what works depending on the pool surface. Everything from a soft kitchen sponge, Magic Eraser, various brushes, and many others. I would suggest starting easy with something not too abrasive then working my way up to something stronger.
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    Re: Black scum line and staining above the water line

    Is your pool water supposed to be translucent green? Do you have metals in your water?

    I've never had a black scum line, but after a few bathers with lots of body lotions and suntain oils swam a few times I had to scrub the water line with my MyteeMitt to clear it off. I didn't use any specific cleaner, just splashed a lot of pool water around and assumed the chlorine would help break down whatever I had put into the water scrubbing.

    More brushing of the sides, more often helps.

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    Re: Black scum line and staining above the water line

    I had a vinyl liner pool, but every spring I would have to scrub the waterline with Softscrub with bleach and a kitchen sponge to tidy up the dirt line from winter debris and spring pollens.

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    Re: Black scum line and staining above the water line

    When I inherited my pool I had a lot of black something... above my tile line, scrubbing would lighten it but didn't seem to get it all off. My pool store guy recommended spraying it with bleach (waiting not scrubbing) and it disappeared completely. I scrub after for peace of mind but apparently it's some sort of algae above the water line. I've only had small bits come back since I cleaned it all. I just spray a little beach and it stays bright white all the time.
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