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Thread: Looking to Replace Pump and Filter...

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    Looking to Replace Pump and Filter...

    Hey everyone I’m looking for suggestions on Pumps and Filters!!! If you haven’t seen it in my Sig by now, Right now I currently have 2 “one is an extra”Hayward PowerFlo Matrix 1HP Pumps only one hooked up of course with a Hayward Pro Series 16” High Rate Sand Filter and I’m looking to upgrade... I have had my eyes on some some VSP pumps such as the Hayward Maxflo and the Pentair Superflo pumps but I am hesitant to pull the trigger because “not my words but the wife’s ” —->I have 2 perfectly good working pumps already... But here’s my dilemma that’s making me want to get a new pump... My AGP is buried a little over half way 52” Depth on all sides except the side where the filter and pump are because as you know I need to be below the water line for my pump to pull water from the skimmer to the filter. Well as you can imagine that creates a pool of its own when it rains and the last big rain we had caused my pump to become submerged under water and with the SWG controlling the pump to shut off and on it burned out the motor on one of my pumps... <—-“We were at work and forgot oppps!!!” Anyways when I do the burial of that side of the pool which I have to so that won’t happen again my pump and filter are now gonna be higher than the waterline and I’m gonna have to switch to an inground Pump so a question I have is can I convert these 2 pumps to inground pumps? If so do they have 2 speed motors to replace a single speed for this pump? Would it be monetarily wise to do this or should I just look into buying a new 2 speed pump? Is there one you would recommend that maybe doesn’t have the price tag of a VSP?

    Now on to the filter... I promise won’t be as long as the pump rambling... I was looking at 3 different filters all are Hayward Pro Series High Rate Sand Filters the 21” the 22” and the 24” I know the word overkill doesn’t really exist in the world of pool filters “BUT” are any of those overkill when it comes to my 24’ AGP I would like a lot more circulation in the water as we usually have a lot of kids swimming in the pool “around 10” at any given time... but really just looking to keep a TFP sparkling pool with all the help I can get ... I’m running a suction cleaner right now but want to get a robot so suggestions to that would be great also... by the way I’m running 2” PVC and plan to do the same with the new set up or am I overkilling that also?

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    Re: Looking to Replace Pump and Filter...

    It looks like the powerflo matrix pump is not self-priming (hopefully someone here with more experience will correct me if I'm wrong). You could elevate it, but still keep it below the waterline if that's an option. Otherwise, what is the other pump? Yep, you can buy motors, but I don't know about that pump specifically. A phone call to or would give you a quick answer. There are after-market replacement motors available in single, dual and variable speed, but to put it above the waterline and have reliability, you'll need to be sure you have a self-priming wet-end.

    21" to 24" sand filter is not overkill, nor is 2" pipe, so you're on a good track there

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    Re: Looking to Replace Pump and Filter...

    The Matrix isn't self priming and is intended to go below the waterline, typically used on an AGP.
    You can swap out the motor to a two speed, but it kinda a moot point since the wet end isn't self priming. If the pump was right at the waterline you might be ok, but anything above would require a self priming wet end. Since you need to swap out the wet end and want to swap out the motor, your best bet is to just get a 2spd 1hp inground type pump. I don't think a VS is worth the extra expense.

    On a clean filter, you may not notice much difference between the 3 filters. The larger filter will just take longer to get the increase in pressure (aka the need to be cleaned). I don't think the filters you list are overkill. If you have 2" pipe existing, just continue with it. It's not needed, though.

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