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Thread: Aquabot BreezeXLS

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    Aquabot BreezeXLS

    I thought I would start a new thread with this mess.

    Put in the pool...turn power lite for large pool.Bot starts on its journey...runs a few minutes the stops...lites on power supply start blinking.Here are the steps I've taken.

    1.Took bot out of pool,took baskets out...cleaned completely.Back in pool....same results.Runs a minute or so...shuts down...lites blink

    2.After research,I remove the drive motor to make sure it's not wrapped in string or hair.Nothing there.Ran it dry for a few fine...reverses like it should.Didnt want to run it long out of pool so I turned it back off.Lites never blinked during this test.Sorta tells me the drive motor is fine.

    3.Took supply apart...can't tell anything.All solid state,resisters,relays an such.I read about the timer on these...older models I guess about bypassing the timer.I'm thinking thats the problem....but how can this be tested?
    I live in New Braunfels, dealer around here for these.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Aquabot BreezeXLS

    I think I commented to you in another thread. The Breeze XLS is tough to troubleshoot but I'll do my best. Best way to test the motor is to disconnect it from the cable and grab a multimeter. Switch the multimeter to measure resistance (any amount of ohms if fine we are just testing continuity, I usually go to 200 ohms) and stick one probe of the multimeter in one of the terminals of the cable coming from the motor, then touch the other probe to the shaft of the motor. If there is any continuity, there is water in the motor and the motor is shot.

    Next test the cable. If there are any kinks/breaks in the cable insulation that should be a dead giveaway the cable might be shorting. Test to see if there is continuity between the two wires in the cable.

    Beyond that, if nothing else is the issue, then the power supply is shot. They are not serviceable so you will just need to replace it entirely. I'm surprised you even got it open. In training Aquabot just says "replace, don't repair".
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