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Thread: I have the Taylor K2006 kit Netehrlands question

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    I have the Taylor K2006 kit Netehrlands question

    Yeeaaaah i have the Taylor kit that is is forbidden in the Netherlands i have order it on Ebay.(5 days at my home) unbelieveble.

    But now a question.
    The big tube have 3 markers 44ml and 25 and 10Ml.
    Can i use for all my test the 10Ml marker, i see a lot of movie on youtube and they using all the 25 Ml marker

    Why my question simpel, i can saves Fluid.?
    When i use the 10ml marker i count each drup is 0,5?
    Sorry for the bad englisch (i can talk but writing pffff).
    My spa is 225 gallon (ca 900 ltr)
    Factory is Caldera
    Above ground
    6 months old now.

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    Re: I have the Taylor K2006 kit Netehrlands question

    a lot of the tests use the 10ml sample but some dont
    here is a link
    Pool School - Extended Test Kit Directions
    SWG inground peanut shaped eco-bright concrete pool
    50,000 litres 13,000 gallons
    Lincoln Salt Chlorinator, 25 gram cell Sand Filter with glass media
    Taylor K2006-C test kit, Taylor K-1766 salt test, Dolphin M500 pool cleaner
    are you taking care of your pool or is the poolshop taking care of you

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    Re: I have the Taylor K2006 kit Netehrlands question

    You can use a 10 mL sample for the TA, CH, and FC tests. You can't for CYA or pH. pH doesn't use much liquid, only 5 drops. CYA is the big one, it uses 7 mL of test fluid per test!

    I personally use the 10 mL sample all the time for chlorine and CH (my CH is around 250). When initially filling my spa and lowering my TA from ~275 to 50, I'll initially test the TA with a 10 mL sample, but since each drop is 25 ppm it's not much use once you get down near 100 as it doesn't have enough resolution anymore, so I switch over to a 25 mL sample.

    For FC, CH, and TA, this is the test drop multipliers for 10 and 25 mL sample sizes.

    Test ppm/drop at 10 mL ppm/drop at 25 mL
    FC 0.5 0.2
    CH 25 10
    TA 25 10

    The SpeedStir is handy as well. Comes with a separate tube with 10 and 25 mL marks and a little magnetic stir bar. It spins the bar to rapidly mix the test without swirling, and lights the tube from below with white LEDs to make it easy to see the color change. Speeds up the testing, which is great when you have to test every day or every other day.
    Hot tub: Indoor Intex 28409E "Six Person" inflatable. 290 gallons. Taylor K-2006 test kit with Taylor 9265 Speedstir and TFT CYA test. Using dichlor/bleach/borax/muriatic acid.

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