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Thread: New liner install

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    New liner install

    After enjoying my pool for 13 years, I needed to replace my liner 20'X40' Grecian in ground pool. I checked around and my neighbor recommended a guy. I contacted him, and we signed a contract. He ordered and installed the liner which imeadiately leaked. He of course blamed it on the the plumbing, but sent a leak detection company out anyway. Sure enough his installer cut in the steps wrong. After demanding a new liner, he agreed to install another one. Well this liner leaked from day one also, the installers fix, some kind of puddy around the steps and skimmer. I am was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and if you would accept a liner install such as the pictures attached. Does anyone have any advice on recourse? I have spoken with an attorney and do not like what he told me.
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    Re: New liner install

    Why the caulk?
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    Re: New liner install

    I would accept the caulk if the work was done neatly and professionally.....that is not neat.

    Secondly, there should be no need to ever caulk around the skimmer. There are gaskets made for that purpose. I may be getting in a little over what I know about liner pools but I have never seen one caulked......and surely not caulked sloppily as yours was.
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    Re: New liner install

    Quote Originally Posted by Rangerman
    Why the caulk?
    um, read the post...

    Quote Originally Posted by mbsjones
    the installers fix, some kind of puddy around the steps and skimmer.
    That looks terrible. Obviously somebody at the current one is inept!
    If possible, demand they refund your money, and go with a different company.

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    Re: New liner install

    There can be several reasons for leaks around skimmers and stairs. One of the most common and often very difficult to over come is stripped screw holes. If the original installer over cranked the screws, the next guy to do the install will find out as he's putting on the face plate. That's a tough time to find out when water delivery trucks are scheduled to start rolling in. It would seem obvious to put a larger diameter screw in, but that can crack skimmers and stairs. A longer screw can do the same thing. Basically its a judgement call on the installer. Cracking a skimmer with a larger diameter screw really sucks and can lead to a big repair. I've seen installers roll up epoxy and apply it to patch leaks around face plates. I'm not a big fan of that. Anderson makes a flexible sealer that works well and if applied well is hardly visible.

    Skimmer face plates are a huge problem by us. Many older pools have skimmers that are attached to the steel wall on the backside and do not actually penetrate the wall like the skimmers offered today. A vinyl grommet was used around the steel wall skimmer opening prior to the skimmer being attached to the wall. Then a gasket is applied, the vinyl liner, another gasket, and then the face plate. It looks like this:

    skimmer - vinyl grommet - steel - vinyl grommet - gasket - liner - gasket - faceplate.

    The problem is the vinyl grommet is always trashed and it's impossible to put a new one in because the skimmer is attached to the steel wall with concrete and backfill holding it up against the wall. Many installers just pull the vinyl grommet out or leave a torn up grommet in place. Now you have:

    skimmer - steel - gasket - liner - gasket - faceplate.

    The edge of the steel is exposed to water. Some guys just silicone over it. What always happens is water seeps down and rusts/rots out the wall.

    I usually use an abrasive wheel and cut out the steel wall just large enough for the skimmer face plate. This only works if the skimmer is held in place via concrete and backfill. Now the install looks like this:

    skimmer - gasket - liner - gasket - faceplate.

    This completely seals the water from touching the steel wall.

    If your contractor followed best practices by using new gaskets and face plates and none of the skimmers or returns are damaged. it shouldn't leak around returns and skimmers.

    Stairs can be a royal pain. 95% of the time the original gasket and face plate can be used. The installer just needs to be prepared with extra stair strips, screws and gaskets should something need to be replaced.
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    Re: New liner install

    There should be no reason for any Caulk on the outside of the pool liner. He cut it wrong he has no clue how to install them. My pool guy 3 weeks ago installed a new liner with 0 leaks or problems.My pool has not lost 1 inch of water in 3weeks since i filled it. I would DEMAND another liner with 0 caulk.Once this calk rots off in a year or less it will be leaking again.

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    Re: New liner install

    Just curious, but what did the attorney tell you?
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