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Thread: Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.

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    Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.

    I am relocating my pool equipment about 10 feet away from its current location.

    The question or help that I need is with regards to the plumbing. The plumbing is original cast iron and I am looking to convert the cast iron to PVC. not the entire line, just the small section. that will allow a quick rerout 90 around the corner of the house to the new location of the pool equipment.

    The cast iron is old and I am looking to cut it and use a fernco coupling since I will not have threads to work with on the cast iron. is there any other option to convert to PVC with no threads on cast iron portion of pipe? my concern is that the pressure on the 2 hp hayward pump may not allow it to hold.

    specifically, the cast iron conversion is the return line coming from the Tageus sand filter.

    anyone have any ideas or recomendations?

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    Re: Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.


    Welcome to TFP.. A great place to find the answer to all your pool plumbing issues......

    I'm pretty sure that Fernco couplers are for non-pressure applications, such as drains and sewer lines, etc...

    I am not sure if all your pool plumbing is cast iron or not.. But I would think what is, would have to make a 90 degree turn to come out of the ground at your original equipment pad.. At that turn, you should have an elbow and threads.. Do you not???

    Let's see if we can get one of our plumbing experts to chime in....

    Thanks for posting,

    Jim R.
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    Re: Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.

    Depending on how old - did they not pour lead at cast iron connection? That might be an issue ......
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    Re: Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.

    Thanks for reaching out. There is a 90 that faces north, however this has been converted already at the thread with PVC. the main reason for the relocation is to move this wooden shed like closet that currently house the equipment.

    The goal is to simply move the equipment around the corner into a standard pool equipment enclosure.

    From there I plan to level out and install pavers to increase my patio space.

    This issue with the cast iron 90 facing north is that I won't be able to level the floor with pavers.

    I was hoping there was a way to make the conversion under ground and route the new pvc a round the corner finishing with a 90 facing up.

    The pressure concerns me with fernco coupling.

    I could always try to rethread the cast iron, however the pipe looks old and not sure how effective the new thread will be.

    Thanks again.

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    Re: Relocating my pool equipment and need advice.

    Dig out and cut cast iron with sawsall. Pick up a dresser sleeve for every connection. The od of the cast iron and the new connection will have to be the same.

    Don't mess with the cast iron unless you are ok with the chance of replacing all of the cast.

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