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Thread: Possible Freeze Damage - Pump/Filter/SWG sweating/leaking - losing 1/4" a day - HELP!

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    Possible Freeze Damage - Pump/Filter/SWG sweating/leaking - losing 1/4" a day - HELP!

    Hiya - Hoping the forum can help me out on this one. Our winters aren't normally very cold but last month we had some brutal weather and the pump froze and stopped working while I was away for a few days. There wasn't anything I could do but let it thaw and hope for the best. Once the weather warmed and the 3" sheet of ice melted I started the pool back up and everything was fine, however the last few weeks I've noticed the water level dropping much faster than normal. I refilled it to the top mark of my normal threshold and watched as a week later it had dropped 2 inches.

    Today I went into the garage and noticed about an 8' area around the pump the concrete is darker because it's damp. The pump, filter, and SWG are all covered in sweat (or a leak) I thought maybe I just didn't tighten a coupling somewhere, but even the PVC a foot above the highest coupling is covered in water. I'm hoping to make time tonight to go over everything and I'm hoping that if there is any freeze damage it's occurred near the devices and not underground. I'm also hoping that the loss in water level is caused by a leak in a coupling that perhaps I didn't tighten all the way but all of the connectors seemed okay this morning in my limited time.

    Has anyone experienced this and do you have any advice on where to look or what worked for you? I usually don't get home until it is almost dark so my time is limited when I can get out there.

    Thanks so much TFP peeps!
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    Re: Possible Freeze Damage - Pump/Filter/SWG sweating/leaking - losing 1/4" a day - H

    What your experiencing is a severe case of condensation, more than likely.

    When temps are very cold, then they warm up [in relative terms], the outside of the pipes, ground stones and other form water bc their contents are much colder than the surrounding ambient air. In Texas, when you take a cold beverage from a cool Air-conditioned house into the hot humid weather, the can forms condensation're experiencing the same thing. Unless you see water dripping steadily or flowing, you should be ok...tstex
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