I have a Polaris 280 system with G52 backup valve. Recently the sweep gets locked in one end of pool and will never migrate to the other end. I observed that the backup value is only moving the sweep like 5 feet backwards during its cycle and then the sweep just goes forward again and gets locked up. I checked that I have roughly 30rpm on sweep wheels so I think I have the right pressure coming into system.

Is there a way to "slow down" the G52 so that it moves the sweep like 15 feet backward before the end of the cycle? I bought a new G52 and put it into system this weekend. Identical results. I am thinking of taking old G52 (which I have taken apart) and cut down 50% of its turbine fins. I think that would cause the gears to run more slowly which should cause the backup part of the value to run longer? Would this work?