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Thread: plaster peeling/delamination problems

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    Question plaster peeling/delamination problems

    I have a pool which is a little over seven years old. The plaster was installed with a "lifetime" guarantee. I have contacted the pool contractor and he has consulted with the plaster installer who claims that the problem is improper maintenance of the pool chemistry which of course "voids" the warranty. I have always used professional pool companies to maintain the pool and the associated chemistry.

    However, I have had several problems with the pool leaking over the years. I complained about it several times to the pool contractor who basically blew me off every time I brought it up. He finally recommended that I have the pool leak tested (at my own cost of course). Three leaks were found and all were considered to be construction defects. After almost five years, the contractor fixed the most notable leak: a failure to finish the autofill to the point where it would not leak. Note: After repair my water bills were reduced by over 50 percent, so this was no small leak.

    My question: If I experienced major pool leakage for this period of time, could this be a cause for improper pool chemistry and associated plaster discoloration/delamination?
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    Re: Plaster peeling/delamination

    First let me say, welcome to TFP! It's turning out to be a gorgeous day in our areas.
    My question: If I experienced major pool leakage for this period of time, could this be a cause for improper pool chemistry and associated plaster discoloration/delamination?
    I really doubt it. If you lose water it can damage your surrounding soil and/or compromise the shell's stability in that area perhaps, not to mention $$$ lost from refilling, but won't directly hurt the plaster. It can mess with your chemistry though as new water will always have different TA, pH, and CH levels. There are two items that could have a direct impact on the condition of your pool's plaster - quality it was applied and water chemistry. While we can't help you with the past installation part (probably already in question from the looks of it) we can tell you that water chemistry is something you should do on your own. Builders and plaster subs will insist you have your water tested by some 3rd party. They claim without it you void their warranty. But keep in mind that most pool store testing is in accurate and/or will insist on having you adjust levels with overpriced products that can actually hurt your pool's chemistry.

    I would encourage you to do a couple things right now:
    1 - Obtain a TF-100 Test kit (link below) or Taylor K-2006C. Those are the only two kits you can use at home that we recognize as reliable and user-friendly. Post a full set of water results with one of those and we can really help you more.
    2 - Update your profile signature with all of your pool info and equipment (much like you see mine below). That will helps us down the road as well.

    Sorry you're experiencing such a headache with your builder/subs. I wish I could say that was rare, but sadly some contractors seem to "disappear" once they receive their money. Plaster damage may not be reversible, but with proper water testing we might be able to keep things stable from here. Keep us posted and let us know if you have anymore questions. Nice to have you with us.

    PS ~ Later we might also ask you to try and post a pic or two of those plaster areas so our plaster experts can try to give you some insight.
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