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Thread: ph problem

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    ph problem


    we have a 10 x 5 overflowpool - inner pool is made of hydrazzo, ph is totally of the scale colour is lightish orange or terracotta colour so not sure what we should add.

    the walls have a shadow of white and we brush it becomes a milky whte effect and clings to the hydrazzo

    can somebody assistance

    We are looking to install an IG Free Form 18'x40'
    3.5' - 5.5'
    No special water features
    Baldwin City, Kansas

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    Re: ph problem

    Welcome to TFP.

    To get the best advice, you'll want to post a full set of test results. You need to know your chlorine level as it can affect the pH test. Also need calcium hardness and total alkalinity to determine which chemical to add to raise the pH and what might be causing the deposits.

    10X5 what? Meters? Do you have an estimate of how much water the pool holds?
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    Re: ph problem


    did a test this morning from a test strip
    ph - 6.8
    free chlorine - 0
    alk -120-180
    stabil - 150

    yes in metres - pool holds 85 tons water
    we were told to add soda ash which we did yesterday wil test again in 24hrs
    at the same time we are brushing the walls trying to clear the white stain.

    what we are doing is this correct,
    We are looking to install an IG Free Form 18'x40'
    3.5' - 5.5'
    No special water features
    Baldwin City, Kansas

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    Re: ph problem

    We have found that test strips are frequently unreliable. A drop-based test kit would be preferable. If we believe your test strips:

    Soda ash will increase both pH and alkalinity; your alkalinity doesn't need to go any higher. Borax will increase pH with less effect on alkalinity, if you can find borax locally.

    What kind of chlorine are you using? (Ingredients, not the brand or trade name.) If your stabilizer is really that high, you are probably using dichlor or trichlor and you need to switch to something else, preferably liquid chlorine/bleach.
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    Re: ph problem

    You need one of the recommended test kits.

    CYA over 50 is too high, if your CYA is really 150 you should do a series of partial drains/refills to get the level lower... 70 at the highest, but at least it's manageable. You need chlorine in the water, soon or you will have algae. I'd recommend liquid chlorine - Clorox Bleach - or Sodium Hypochlorite.

    I agree, use Borax for increasing PH - or you could try aerating with a fountain.
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