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Thread: become a tfp supporter

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    become a tfp supporter

    i would like to encourage all users of this site to become tfp supporters, so
    we will always have access to this terrific site. i went through lost of issues
    with my pool this year starting with converting from baq to chlorine and dealing
    with a nasty case of pink algae/whiteslime/watermold. every time i had a question
    there was many helpful ppl to answer my question and give their support.
    i would also encourage everyone to order the tf-100 test kit and start taking control
    of your own pool. i actually have a pretty good local pool store . they don't intentionally
    mislead you, but sometimes they just don't know how to help you. the ppl here do,
    especially jasonlion. so again thanks for all the help, and i'm sure i'll be back asking for more.
    24,000 gallon ig fiberglass pool
    1 hp hayward pump
    hayward sand filter (250 lb)
    madisonville, ky

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    Re: become a tfp supporter

    I agree Diverman. A little donation from the $$ the people are saving in chemicals will help keep this wonderful site up and running !!

    I know the economy is bad but if you had not found this site would you be able to afford all the expensive pool chemicals ..
    Don't have a pool right now. Just sharing what I have learned over the years!
    Helpful Links:
    Pool School,Pool Calculator,Cl/CYA Shock Chart,TF Test Kit
    Doing BBB and loving it!

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    Re: become a tfp supporter

    I found this site by chance...started reading the threads and posts and then did not hesitate to become a TFP Supporter and ordered the kit that same day

    My pool was green for three weeks in which I swear that I saw a mini-me version of the lock ness monster enjoying my pool more than me

    Now I have a crystal clear pool though not out of the woods yet, but I can see much more clearly now! I am trying to see if Leslie's will take back my unopen chemicals...I can recoup a little $$$ then...I hope

    Definitely, this site and the people on it have opened my eyes in many different facets. Thanks to all that helped me!!!!
    14,000 gallons; Sand filter; IG; Vinyl; Pump size and filter = TBD

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    Re: become a tfp supporter

    Same story here. I have gotten SUCH a wealth of information and help from this site that I didn't hesitate to become a lifetime member. The amount that I have saved by being educated about my pool have paid for my membership many times over. I just don't know what I would do next spring if I came back and there was no TFP. I'm sure it would involved withdrawl though!
    26,000 gal liner IG pool
    Doughboy with concrete construction
    Full sun most of the day
    1.5 hp pump system
    200lb sand filter

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