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Thread: General (hopefully) question re Valves when vaccuuming

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    General (hopefully) question re Valves when vaccuuming

    Hi - I'm wondering if I properly vaccuum my pool in relations to my valves positions.

    (Be kind - I'm new to this so I may not say proper terms, but, I'll we go....).

    I have 3 valves on a pipe that are connected to the front of my pump and filter.

    I know that: 1 controls the pool jets; 1 is to open/close the side drain in the pool (I hook my vaccuum hose to this); and the other, I'm honestly not sure but I think it controls the skimmer).

    Well, when I vaccuum, I turn the center valve counterclockwise to "open" it.
    The other two, I never do anything to them and they are always in the "open" position.

    Am I doing this properly and I wonder if I closed the valve that controls the skimmer if my suction when vaccuuming would be greater?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Normally you wouldn't have a valve for the returns unless you had a spa. You'd typically have a valve to control the main drain, one to control the skimmer(s) and one for the dedicated vacuum port. The returns are fed from the filter, while the skimmer, main drain and vacuum line are connected to the pump basket.
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    VJ, not having seen your setup - I can't tell you what each valve does. However, regardless as to what they control, I can tell you how to work them to vacuum more effectively. 8) First though, if the 3 valves are before the pump, they all are to a suction port.
    OK, set up your vacuum with all 3 ports open (like you usually do) now go over to the filter pad and slowly turn one of the other valves off (keep an eye on the pressure gauge) until you see a ~1/2 - 1 lb drop in the pressure gauge. This should give you excellent suction without being so much that the vac head gets stuck on the bottom! (who said there were no easy answers? )

    If you have any questions about this, simply ask!
    Luv& Luk

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