1500 gallon spa own salt cell?


Aug 16, 2020
Memphis, TN
We’ve just built a spa and pool. The spa is 1500 gallons and is a completely separate body of water and thus on its own salt cell, A pentair Intellichlor 20. We’ve recently been told by the pool maintenance company that this will never work because it will always over chlorinate the spa and it will be impossible to maintain on a weekly basis. We’ve confirmed with the pentair rep that this salt cell will go down to as little at 1 percent capacity. The pool company acts like this doesn’t matter and we are idiots to even try. Does anybody have any experience with this either working or not working? I would really like to avoid further construction on our brand new pool. Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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You Pool Company is the idiot.

If you ran the IC20 at 1% for 24 hours a day it would add 0.6 ppm of chlorine into the spa. A typical pool need around 3 ppm in the summer.

Between adjusting the % and the pump runtime you can dial in the daily FC your spa needs.
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Apr 12, 2016
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Yeah, where do they come up with these things?? I have a Pentair intellichlor on my pool, not my hot tub, but you can set it to pretty much make as much or as little Chlorine as you want.
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