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Thread: Cabana Boy says, "Hi from Sacramento!"

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    Cabana Boy says, "Hi from Sacramento!"


    My wife and I bought our home three years ago, and it came with a pool. It is our first, and we were happy to get it. It's a nice pool...better when it was new I'm sure. Based on the design, we think it was built in the 70's and the everything about the pool appears to be well used. But it does what it's supposed to do. I am new to pool care, and have been learning things the hard way.

    I had some health problems last year, and add to that our pool sweep (Polaris 180) broke in August and the season essentially ended at Labor our pool fell into a state of neglect. Over the fall and winter, an amazing amount of leaves fell into the pool and sank to the bottom. I knew there was a problem...just didn't realize the extent until this spring when the weather started to warm. I had a HUGE algae bloom on my hands. Over the course of two months, I spent several hundred dollars on chemicals, and time netting leaves from the bottom and brusing the sides...all to no avail.

    I finally gave up and drained it. I then washed it with a high pressure sprayer and refilled it just in time for the Fourth of July. Even though it was 107 degrees, the pool was still chilly. I now own a Polaris 380 (though the **** wheels aren't turning) and my water is sparkling blue.

    We need to refurbish the whole thing though, since we plan on living here for a long time. The plaster is stained (and eroded) in places, grout needs to be refilled, there are a few small cracks, and the pump equipment groans a bit.

    One thing I needed was a source of information. I don't know many people with pools...and the ones I do know, aren't much more knowledgeable than I. (which is a scary thing). So I'm happy to find this lively site. I thank you in advance for your patience and any assistance/commiseration you can offer.
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    Welcome to TroubleFreePools! You will find a lot of useful information and a lot of friendly people on here. Just post any questions you might have and you will be sure to get many helpful replies!

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    Hi Cabana Boy. I'm from the Bay Area and found this site about a month ago. I have received so much great advice from the people on this board. Like you, I had a nasty swamp to deal with when summer was approaching. With a lot of encouragement, I was able to get our pool sparkling clean.

    We also purchased the Polaris 380 and are having the exact same problem with the wheels. Pretty frustrating. Let me know if you find a solution to that.

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    Post your question about the Polaris in the Pool Equipment secdtion and I am sure you will find the help you need!

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    Welcome to TFP!

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    Welcome Cabana Boy. You'll find tons of useful information here. Be sure to check out the 'stickies' at the top in the banner over toward the right side.
    Again - welcome to the pool.
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