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Thread: In praise of borates

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    In praise of borates

    OK, so I"ve been struggling with my pool for the last several months: dull water, chronic low grade algae breakout that never seemed to completely go away in the face of multiple liquid chlorine shocks. I thought my CYA had gotten completely out of hand but I was maintaining 10 ppm FC with CYA of 80 so while high it was still in the range of my previous experience . High chlorine demand that had me thinking that I should just give up or pay lots of money for more pool products (I had gone the polyquat way in my previous pool but hated how expensive it was).

    I found this forum, decided to try borating (is that a word?) my pool, made the calculations, added mule team and acid as described in the sticky. The pH was spot on at the end of 13 boxes of mule team and 4 gallons of acid.

    Now a week later, I am completely sold. The water is so crystal clear it looks almost fake, very clear and inviting. My kids say the pool feels silky soft and looks sparkly. The chlorine demand is way down and the pH is more stable.

    We now want to spend more time by the pool because it looks so nice!

    Anybody who is on the fence about the benefits of borates, give it a try!
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    Re: In praise of borates

    awesome :)
    thanks for coming up with a new word too.
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    Re: In praise of borates

    I'm glad it's been working for you and sorry you had an unusual chlorine demand in spite of the high FC/CYA level. It's quite rare, but sometimes there's algae growth even maintaining the appropriate FC/CYA level -- possibly from some heartier algae (we know that yellow/mustard algae is heartier) or some other substances in the water acting like CYA (gulp!). We've heard many good things about borates algaecidal properties, but never quantified this. If we keep getting these great reports on borates, then it could probably be recommended as a very good persistent algaecide with mostly a one-time cost (like copper or phosphate removers, but without the side effects). We might even be able to have a lower FC/CYA ratio table when using borates, but it's far too early to contemplate that now.

    I've been very happy with the borates in my own pool. It does seem to have slightly lowered the chlorine demand, but it also seems to help with breaking up oil films from suntan lotion on the surface of the water. The benefits just keep rolling on in...

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