With your help, I converted to BBB 2 years ago.

I have been using up my ph-up and ph-down, alkalinity-up, and alkalinity-down, and whatever-up-or-down; sold off all kinds of Baquacil-whatever.

But I still have an almost full box of Baquacil Ultra Oxidizer increaser tablets, that I can't just throw away. It was too much money when I bougt it ($50.00). The tablets are packaged 2 per individual sealed pouch, and the whole box has been stored in my basement for the last 2 years.

Anybody still on Baquacil who hasn't converted, or will convert after this season? If you want it, let me know. The box weighs 9lb (full box was 10.57lb) with extra packaging would be about 12 pounds.

You pay the shipping only. My zip code is 37032, look up on the USPS web site how much it would cost for Parcel Post to your zip code.

Whoever wants it, let me know.