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Thread: Hello All I Have My First Question

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    Hello All I Have My First Question

    Looking at buying a above ground pool. Wife and I are thinking about a 27 to 33' round. We are new to above ground pools and wondering what are some good brands that we need to look for. We live in Mississippi if that might help.


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    Re: Hello All I Have My First Question

    A little biased, but ..... Doughboy! They have a great warranty.
    32x16 buried Doughboy, 4' shallow - 7' deep
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    Re: Hello All I Have My First Question

    I searched the archives a few weeks ago when I wanted to know the answer to this question, and found several posts who said that the brand of pool didn't matter as much as the quality of the ground prep. You might also ask this in the pump/filter forum and see what they recommend (our experience was that pool stores in our area each sell a different brand of pump/filter. We went with Hayward pump, filter, and SWG.

    Among brands of actual pools, Doughboy was mentioned a lot as being very good...usually more expensive, from what I gathered, but very good.
    Nikki in IL
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    Re: Hello All I Have My First Question

    Nikki's right, I think it matters more the installation job than the pool itself - gets a reputable installer or ensure the Pool Store Guarantees the installation 100%.

    Don't get sucked in by "packages" you don't need any fance gadgets or ionizers - just the pool, the filter/pump, ladder, skimmer parts, net/pole, vacume and solar blanket. IF you can get them to upgrade the ladder/solar blanket that's good.

    Make sure you get the right size pump/filter combo - they are notorious for selling oversized pumps with undersized filters. If you can get a 2 HP 2 speed pump, and then run it on low, that would be big elec savings.

    Good luck....

    I have a Johnny Weismueller. I have friends who had a Vogue pool installed a year before me, they are on their second liner. My BIL had a Vogue installed the same year as me and their's is fine. So every pool situation is unique, I think it does have a lot to do with the install more than anything else.

    My SIL had a Doughboy, lasted many years.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: Hello All I Have My First Question

    I have the Aqua Leader 24ft Round AG Wil-Bar Influence w/54 inch walls 13,500 gallons
    Swimline J-Blue Opal Liner. It is all resin except for the pool wall obviously. I don't worry about anything rusting...It cleanse really nice...I had lots of dried bird poo on the top rail and uprights and all I did was take a bucket of water with bleach in it to clean. The outside top rails and uprights are really maintenance free. It weathered one of our more harsh winters very well. The warranty was better than standard in the industry. I think the thing you want to really look out for is who you buy it from...Are they reputable, do they stand behind their merchandise...Also look for a place that has their own installer. The place I bought my pool from hires private installers to work for them installing their pools...This way the installer not only has his reputation to watch out for but that of the pool store as well. It worked out well.
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    Swim Pro Voyager Filtration System with Hayward ABS Pearl wide mouth skimmer

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    Re: Hello All I Have My First Question

    I'll second FPM's recommendation for a 2 speed pump. Being able to run your pump slower and for a longer period of time makes sense to me. I wish I had asked for a 2 speed when I bought mine.

    I'd love to leave my pump on 24/7, just for skimming the surface of the pool constantly.

    16' X 24' Wilkes Pools "Genesis", 10K Gal
    Hayward Powerflo Matrix 1 hp, & 18" Pro Series sand (S180T)

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