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Thread: To all the Newbies like myself

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    To all the Newbies like myself

    Folks i can guarantee you, that if you listen and follow through with the advice and tips found here you will be happy pool owners. I was fortunate enough to find this place in early May and my pool has NEVER looked better nor have I ever spent so little money or time fretting over my water. This is especially true over the past years when i have gone on my annual fishing trip to NL. Usually i would have stocked my shed with 40-60 Liters of liquid chlorine and all the other garbage the pool shop told me i needed because I didn't want a panic call from my wife that the pool was turning green.

    Well-I have just returned from 14 days away and the pool is in as agood a shape as it was when I left. My wife merely checked the CL and PH every day and everything held as it should. When I did a complete run of tests last night with the kit i purchased here as recommended by everyone , my water was PERFECT in every sense.

    I know how it is to get frustrated and the fear we have of posting too much, questioning the advise, feeling dumb because we cannot quite grasp it all, and having the patience to follow through with the advise given here, but it will pay off in spades for you. You can see my first ramblings here when I was in the same state many of you first time posters are in:


    CHEERS AGAIN to all of you who take of your time to help us all become better and happier pool owners.You are wonderful people.

    Cheers to you all


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    Re: To all the Newbies like myself


    16x38 FG, 20,400G, 1HP/2sp Tristar pump, Hayward 425sq ft cart. filter, Pro Logic4, SWCG, 3 returns, 2 main drains, 1 skimmer, 4 Pentair deck jets, Hayward Phantom pressure cleaner/booster pump, TF-100 of course :-)orthofish-s-pool-build-finally-t13179.html

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    Re: To all the Newbies like myself

    That's great Gerry, glad you returned to a pleasant surprise instead of a green one.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: To all the Newbies like myself

    Yeah, the people on this forum are priceless! I honestly can't thank them enough. This is my third year of having my pool and the FIRST year that I am actually enjoying it (well, when the weather cooperates) it's been kind of a yucky summer around here so far.

    So, a great big SHOUT OUT and THANKS! to all of you!!
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    Re: To all the Newbies like myself

    Hi Gerry,

    Welcome home and congrats on your Trouble Free Pool
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    Re: To all the Newbies like myself

    I just wanted to echo the praises for this forum. You all have helped me out so many times, even it you weren't helping me personally, you were answering someone else that had the exact same question

    Another other cool thing is like being in Home Depot's swimming pool section and overhear a couple talking and asking each other what kind of chemicals to buy, and suggest they check out TFP to save them oodles of $$ and and know that they will be treated with respect and understanding, even if they ask a really dumb question ( I know this from experience ) and get the correct information

    Thank you all again,
    18' x 48" Intex Metal Frame 6700g, Hayward DE filter, Hayward Power-Flo LX 40gpm, 2x 2x40 solar panels
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