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Thread: zodiac duoclear preferred water chemistry readings

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    zodiac duoclear preferred water chemistry readings

    Just read the manual for my zodiac duoclear swg - they recommend a cya of 30 to 50; ta of 80-150; ch of 200-400, fc 1-3ppm

    Are these the levels I should be shooting for then? They seem to contradict other recommendations in poolschool and elsewhere that I have researched.
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    Re: zodiac duoclear preferred water chemistry readings

    don't listen to pool industry standards. it will make your pool look somewhat like the picture to the left <--- sooner or later
    listen to pool-school/
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    Re: zodiac duoclear preferred water chemistry readings

    Reebok, that was too funny.

    Read Water Balance for SWGs and Recommended Levels in Pool School.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: zodiac duoclear preferred water chemistry readings

    The Duoclear contains a Nature2 mineral unit so they also recommend a FC level of .5 ppm in the US!
    I would not recommend using the mineral cartridge. However, the Duoclear units are undersized as far as SWGs go because they were desinged to be used at much lower than normal FC levels (that do not work in the long run!)

    According to the US Duoclear website and manual:
    FC is .5 - 1 ppm and CYA 40 -80 ppm ... Manual.pdf

    All the other Zodiac SWGs have a recommended CYA level of 40-100 ppm and a recommended (and too low) range of 1 -3 ppm for CYA (I used to sell all these units and do know a bit about them).
    I know that the Nature 2 spa units can only be marketed as an algaecide and not as a sanitizer in Canada so I guess they are a bit stricter than the EPA in the US. Funny thing is that the Spa system actually can sanitize better because of the higher water temps when used with MPS.
    The Canadian manual for the DuoClear reommends CYA of 30-100 ppm btw and a FC of .6 ppm when using the mineral cart and 1-3 ppm otherwise so it's bascially the same as the US instrcutions.

    Bottom line is this:
    Since these units were designed for low FC levels they are grossly undersized in terms of actual chlorine production so if you have one that the upper end of it's range is the size of your pool you might have a problem maintaining enough chlorine. If you have overized the unit you should be OK.
    The water balance you want to use is:

    If you have an usesized unit I would recommend running the CYA at 100 ppm and keeping the FC at 5-6 ppm.

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