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Thread: Slight algae in pool

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    Slight algae in pool

    I wanted to know what I can do to get rid of alight algae in my pool. Everytime I buy the algaecide from the pool store it does not work. My friend told me that baking soda works. My pool is only 3,400 gallons and last summer I spent $1,000. to keep it clear. What can I do?
    I am a noobie, please be gentle...

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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    First off, read everything in Pool School. There is a button at the top right of every page. $1000 is WAY too much money!

    Pool school will tell you everything you need to know and the Mods here are great at helping you through the process. I don't think Baking Soda will clear algae at all, that is the job of chlorine. Most of us here use household bleach to take and keep control over our pools. It will be a process, testing and adjusting, but in the end... you WILL have a troublefreepool.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    Welcome to TFP!

    Here's what you do....

    1.) Get a test kit of high quality. The TF-100 (link in my sig) is the best. Only with a good test kit can you take control of your water.

    2.) While waiting for test kit to arrive, read Pool School articles.

    3.) Buy bleach. If your pool is green at all, you are going to need quite a bit.

    4.) Once you have your test kit, run a panel of tests and apply what you have learned in Pool School to clear your pool. Follow the steps to clearing a green pool to a tee.

    5.) Do not add anymore algaecide. You don't need it. Buy no chemicals from the pool store.

    6.) Post any and all questions about the process in this thread.

    7.) Once pool is sparkly, go swimming.

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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    I added stuff on thursday night to help get my alkalinity and PH up.

    Saturday morning i uncovered my pool and it was green, you couldn't see into the deep end.

    After some research, and looking around at what i had, i realized my chlorine was way low.
    (I got my information from the Pool school section and my father)

    I backwashed my filter.
    Then I cranked the chlorinator up and shocked the pool Saturday night. I used liquid chlorine since it was a higher concentration then bleach and cost was cheaper.
    Then i brushed all the algae loose.

    Sunday i went out and brushed all the algae again.
    And backwashed my filter 2 times that day (morning and night.) To help the filter run efficient and to remove all dead algae.

    By Monday night the water was sparkling clear again, and i vacuumed the remains of the algae up.

    So i guess my point is check your chlorine level, and you may need to shock your pool.

    Thats what i did and it worked.

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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    All I can tell you is to listen to the guy's & gal's here....they helped me out with my Green Monster earlier this year! And it has been CCB since (Clean, Clear and Blue).......I am a HAPPY pool owner

    I think I owe the site new pictures, especially since we finally re-stained the concrete pool deck and re-sealed it (new color)!
    I will post later this week!

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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    Algaecide is a preventative and not a cure! You need chlorine!
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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    Re: Slight algae in pool

    what they said...test kit recommended in pool pool school three times over...especially How to Shock your pool. Run to walmart and get 10 or more 182 jugs of the great value unscented bleach $2.54 a jug.

    While waiting for the test kit...take a water sample to the pool store and post the test results not buy any chemicals from the store! We'll guide you from there...we need water test results to be able to help you out precisely...otherwise any advice would just be guesses on our part.
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