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Thread: What Stinks?

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    What Stinks?

    I bought one of these 30" deep by 10' diameter collapsable pools with the inflatible ring for my daughter. It has a cartridge type filter w/ 450 gallon per pump. She swam for week and half or so, then the pool sat for a few days where I would run the filter and skim the pool every day or so. Then I started to notice this very strong smell. I put some shock treatment in the water, but the smell was still there. The water was very clear and didn't look too dirty but the smell was pretty strong. So i drained the pool and when it was empty I went to pull the pool up and flip it over, the bottom side of the pool smelled just awful. Like death. The grass where the pool was laying smells a little but nothing compared to the plastic on the bottom of the pool. Should I throw the pool out or is there something I can do to save the pool? What caused this?
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    Re: What Stinks?

    Hi, and Welcome to TFP!

    Did you kill the grass before you put up the pool?

    You really need to put some bleach or chlorine in your water on a daily basis... we are working on a set of instructions for keeping a small intex/easy set pool...

    Meanwhile, hopefully somebody will come along who can advise you on the smelly pool bottom.

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    Re: What Stinks?

    Lack of light, lots of moisture, lack of oxygen, living things that now aren't living (grass, etc.) underneath the pool, decomposing, and as a result, getting stinky.

    I imagine that this is a result of the grass dying underneath the pool and a newly anaerobic environment setting up house under there. If I mow the lawn and dump my clipping into a plastic bag to sit out in the sun for a few days, then somehow inadvertently tear the bag open a few days later, the stench is horrible! I imagine that this is the same sort of thing. As long as it isn't the pool water that is stinky, it's okay. I don't think that it will hurt the pool other than by making the underside stinky. Perhaps putting some sand down under it will help so that it won't have full contact with the grass and ground.

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