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Thread: What to do when leaving on vacation?

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    What to do when leaving on vacation?

    I am leaving for a 8-9 days vacation.
    The SWG has been holding the FC level at 4.5 for the last week or so. I have to add acid about every 2-3 days to bring ph back to 7.6. I add at 7.8. The rest of my numbers are:
    ph 7.6
    TC 4.5
    CC 0
    TA 70
    CYA50 working to get to 70
    salt 3400
    temp 91
    Water level is getting low and I will need to top up if we don't get rain.
    Pump runs 9:00am to 7:00pm - during sun and a little more.

    Is there anything I can do to keep the PH from topping 8.2 while I am gone? Lower it more than normal? Will a trichlor puck in the skimmer help keep it down? Any other suggestions?
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    Re: What to do when leaving on vacation?

    I would lower it to 7.0 and make sure it's topped off.
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    Re: What to do when leaving on vacation?

    Just a guess but since your CYA is lowish for an SWG pool, you might consider turning the SWG off and just sticking some trichlor tablets in a floater. That will keep the pH from creeping so much, add a continous source of FC, and give you a little CYA boost by itself.

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    Re: What to do when leaving on vacation?

    You should not put pucks in the skimmer. The water becomes very acidic while the pump is off, and it can cause the skimmer parts to become brittle and break, and also wreak havoc on the pump equipment when that acidic water is forced thru the system when the pump is turned on. It's like pouring acid thru the skimmer.

    I would:
    1). Increase your CYA to 70, lower the swg output slightly. I suspect the lower CYA is causing the SWG to work harder to maintain FC levels, causing you to run it more, causing the PH to rise more frequently. With a higher CYA you should be able to run the swg less often to maintain your FC.

    2) I would lower the PH to 7.2 before you leave.

    Have someone check on your water levels while you are gone, top off if necessary.

    If you can't do these things then I would put pucks in a floater. You still would want someone to check water levels, or top it off before you go.
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