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Thread: How Do I open my Sand Filter

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    How Do I open my Sand Filter

    We had a sand filter installed about 4 years ago and I would like to check the level and condition of the media (it's zeolite).

    Can anybody let me know how easy this would be to do myself and give steps for a quick how to? I've read several posts from people doing it themselves and they don't give the impression that's it's very difficult but I guess it depends on the setup. I'm not a PVC expert and don't want to do a lot of cutting/etc. (unless it's really not so bad). Here's a picture of my filter and the valve. If it's better done by an expert I'll call someone but was hoping to avoid that. Thanks.

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    Re: How Do I open my Sand Filter

    With what I can se of your set up (I assume you have valves in the lines to your multiport valve) Close those valves (with the pump off of course). Loosen the unions on the inlet and outlet of your multiport valve (two on the right and one on the left). Loosen the nut on the clamp holding the multiport valve on top of the filter tank and gently lift the multiport valve off the tank. Are you having filter / clarity issues? If you want to change out the filter media thats one thing, but I would not recommend going into it unless you are having issues. There are small parts inside the tank (laterals) that keep the media in the filter and out of your pool. If while doing this one of these becomes detached or breaks then you are going to get your filter media in your pool when you start your pump back up. Likewise when you try to lift off the multiport valve there is a chance that you could lift the tube that attaches to the laterals which would result in having to remove the old filter media inorder to get the laterals seated back on the bottom of the filter tank then repalcing the filter media with new. Basically your filter media should still be good and if there are not any issues with filter performance then there is really no reason to open it up. I may be wrong, but I think most folks on here would agree that if it ain't broke dno't mess with it because if your luck is anything like mine then you'll end up having to fix some problem you created just to satisfy your curiosity.
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